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  1. I always get spam comments on my Instagram pics. It’s so annoying. Sometimes they’re in a different language too, haha.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Rachelle says 1.6.17

    Oh I always block this account, I don’t have a crazy amount of followers so I’m really focused on quality over quantity. So if they follow even if this raise my following count I block them and lose the follow. It saddens me when I see a fellow blogger go from 3K to 30K overnight. I’ve had an account with over 500K repost me and that didn’t happen so come on. I actually don’t hate the new algorithm to be honest, I feel like with it people are forced to make their content better. That way you give your readers exactly what they want to see. Just like you said I now post 1or 2 times a day, use my tags in the first comment and use planoly to plan my feed. Too bad I didn’t get into the ig game when it was easy to grow a massive following but I do like it still.

  3. Carrie says 1.6.17

    This is so helpful to read. I have been a loyal blog reader for years you are my favorite!! I finally launched my own blog last fall. But I’m a little older and my generation doesn’t follow blogs and use IG as much (mostly kid pics, etc…) so gaining followers is proving so difficult.

    This is a little disheartening to read but I so appreciate you talking about it. I’ve had a few of those bot comments this week… I’m just going to continue trying to put good content out there but figuring out how to attract followers (and ultimately brands) is going to be a challenge.

    On another note, I love how authentic you are with your blog. Would love for you to read my latest post on intermittent fasting and how it helped me lose a little weight. I think you would be very interested!

  4. Becca says 1.6.17

    Thank you for this post!!

    I just started a blog in August and it has been impossible to grow my Instagram account. Impossible. I don’t pay as much attention to my first 9 grid as I should, but, I post great pictures (if I do say so myself) and I’m proud of my content and no one is seeing it!! It’s so incredibly frustrating.

    1. Brittany says 1.6.17

      yes! i feel the same way. instagram is weird, man! i just started a blog in october and feel like its russian bots who comment and no one else.

      1. Becca says 1.6.17

        at first i got excited that i was getting comments, but then i realized they weren’t even authentic. its so discouraging!!

    2. Carrie says 1.6.17

      Feel the exact same way!

  5. caitie says 1.6.17

    i feel you on this. it actually took me a while to realize that it was spam or bloggers that had set up bots to leave generic comments. so inauthentic and slimy! i’ve started deleting the comments and blocking accounts that look like spam. it’s definitely annoying, but also pretty sad as well.

    on a lighter note, i hope you have a great weekend! i love how open and honest you’ve been on the blog lately!

  6. Brittany says 1.6.17

    this is seriously so interesting. i know nothing about how instagram works or worked, but i get weird comments from these must be bots, and i’m a nobody!

    xo, brittany
    weekend reading + steals on my blog today!

  7. Meghan says 1.6.17

    It is beyond out of control! How do these people not realize it makes them look SO silly to have these irrelevant comments. I always want to reply to them and say “Uh…what?” I had one that wrote (on a beauty Insta) “Is it for the wedding?” THE HELL?

  8. Shira says 1.6.17

    I have lost all respect for a friend of mine that went from a few thousand to like 16+k thousand in a few weeks. It makes me so angry when I work so hard that thousands of people cheat the system. it doesn’t end. I know people who are on MULTIPLE comment pods with literally 300 bloggers who like and comment each time she posts. Ugh I’m so over it.


  9. Wendy says 1.6.17

    ugh I’m not a blogger and I get spam likes and comments. it’s so annoying. As a reader of various blogs, it seems ridiculous that so many bloggers do buy followers.

    I hate the IG algorithim!

  10. Mary says 1.6.17

    This isn’t about Instagram, but I just bought the same parka in the fiery orange color and love.

  11. Before I wrote my post on why I hate this bot trend (http://www.poorlittleitgirl.com/blogging-etiquette-tips) I did some research and we’re talking TOP bloggers, the ones other people look up to, are HEAVY on the bots. The bloggers that brands love to work with and constantly get all the “best” campaigns…bot users. All you have to do is just look at what your followers are doing, and it’s disgusting. These girls bots are liking nude, racist, homophobic, violent (the list could go on) pictures and clearly don’t care b/c their followers can easily SEE that this what they’re liking/commenting on! It’s all disgusting. And my solution, phase out my need to obsess over Instagram and focus more on my blog and really up my Pinterest game this year. The lack of ethical integrity some bloggers have is just disgusting. So glad to hear you’re annoyed too!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  12. Jenn Lake says 1.6.17

    I totally agree that it’s necessary to talk about all of this Insta-craziness – it’s the elephant in the room! Every time I travel abroad, I find it fascinating to look at the activity feed during an off time (like 3am local time), and see bots at work. It’s shocking how many people use them! On the plus side, the algorithm change has helped people try to engage a bit more and create a supportive community with each other, so that’s good!

  13. I have a friend who works at Facebook, and I asked him about the algorithm. He says that though we say we don’t like it, our actions on the app say otherwise. IE we’re liking more, following more, clicking more, etc. It is frustrating because I do feel like I miss a lot of posts, and it feels like a computer has more control over my Instagram than I do. Also annoying about the bots. I too sometimes leave quick comments if I love someone’s look, bc I really do love the look! I don’t want people to think those are bots! It’s me!!! Hahah. All in all I feel you and enjoyed this post!

  14. Breanna Marie says 1.6.17

    I am also against the Instagram algorithm! I miss alot of posts by close friends that I really want to see! Where have they gone, Instagram? And I don’t have a huge following, but I get the bots too!Sometimes it’s difficult to tell, though, so I don’t do anything about them.


  15. Angela says 1.6.17

    Great post! I have so many complaints with Instagram right now I could write a novel. I don’t have a large following and I’m trying to grow it and I find it extremely difficult. I’ve read articles, tried all of the tricks and I feel like I’m getting nowhere. It’s extremely frustrating trying to grow your reach organically when everyone else is buying likes/comments/followers.

    Also, I am one of those people who block the spammers because I would rather have a low number of followers/engagement than have spam (I can’t stand it!). Instead of getting super frustrated trying to grow my Instagram following, I’ve decided to focus on growing my Twitter following because I feel like people are much more engaged and genuine on that platform.

    If you have any other strategic ways to “beat the bots” on Instagram I think that could be a great blog post!


  16. Marta says 1.6.17

    I couldn’t agree more about that Instagram thing. I’ve been getting those comments as well but I never realised they could be bots, now it makes much more sense. I’m not gonna do anything to them either, getting notifications about a new comment boosts my confidence (hahaha) and I don’t care much about the algorithm, I don’t like it either but I’m just gonna keep doing my thing and having fun posting pictures whenever I want and not care if I’m getting likes or followers because that takes the fun out of it.
    And your outfit is gorgeous by the way, I really like that coat.

  17. Kristen says 1.6.17

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Even a beginner blogger like me is getting the foreign language bot comments lol . I get excited when I see that I have a comment and then I’m like, womp womp. Not much I can do about it but keep hustling I guess. Going to check out that planner you mentioned though!

  18. Iris says 1.6.17

    I get spam followers and comments too and my IG isn’t really popular. Latest one was a generic comment “Good one” on a contest entry I posted. I left it as they didn’t follow me; I was just weirded out a little.

    I found a lot of random follows have been happening lately. Some from from obvious spammers but others from bloggers who may use bots. I do follow back if I like the content but if it’s a spambot, I block.

  19. Holly says 1.6.17

    Auto comments are the worst. I totally get where those people are coming from though. It is so hard to grow your Instagram account. Engagement with others is key for new bloggers but very time consuming.

  20. Helen says 1.6.17

    I was recently having a similar conversation with somebody about Instagram. I hate all the spam and I usually delete those comments and block those users. I just feel that they get in the way of me making genuine connections with people. All that being said, thanks for writing on this post. I think it’s great to have an open discussion about it.


  21. Dana says 1.6.17

    Most days, I wish IG would just delete forever. But since it is a part of my brand and how I make a lot of my commission, I need to do it 🙁

    I go in and block spammy accounts if they begin following me. Over the last three-four weeks, I’ve probably blocked around 150+ accounts. It’s exhausting and I don’t catch every one of them. It’s SO annoying. As far as comments go, I seriously couldn’t agree more with you (although like you, if I’m in a rush, sometimes I’ll write “OMG LOVE” on a friend’s post). When the algorithm first hit, I basically died on IG. I was losing followers, didn’t get many comments and just wanted to give up. But once I made a plan, I realized how beneficial the algorithm is to me. I usually post around 9-10pm every week night and get THE most engagement ever. Full body or three quarter shots (face included) work best for me, and engaging back with those who like and comment always makes a difference! I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me on the weekends though!

    I definitely want to share this post next week on my blog because I just read through the comments here and loved the conversation you started!

    Have a great weekend, Grace! Xx

    Pink Champagne Problems

  22. Sophie says 1.6.17

    Please do more behind the scenes posts on blogs. I don’t have Instagram for my blog. I’ve begun to use my blog this year. It was my resolution to post on it. I would love to make an Instagram in a few months.

  23. Niki says 1.6.17

    Ugh. Could not agree more. The ads are what really grinds my grits now-a-days. I want to see my friends and bloggers and magazine editors I love…not an ad about some white sale online. Grrrrr! ☠️☠️☠️ I miss old instagram too

  24. Fran says 1.7.17

    I didn’t even realize that people, like normal people who just happen to blog, were using bots! I knew people used to be really into buying followers but I thought that had gotten better over the past few years. I guess that should make me feel better because I always wonder why I can’t grow my instagram as much as I’d like – I try to have nice pictures, my followers are really engaged, but …I just can’t grow my following. At least I know that whatever growth I do have, it’s organic. And that’s what matters the most in the fake world of social media anyway 😉

  25. carrie says 1.8.17

    Yeah, it’s so annoying… One of many annoying ig trends… the buying of likes and followers is another. Le sigh.


  26. Alyssa says 1.8.17

    Unfortunately for all of us bloggers/real people, the algorithm isn’t going to change for the better (for us). The way they’re doing it now helps Instagram make money, because if you really want your friends/readers to see your post, you’ll have to pay. I’m with you – I don’t see ANY of my favorite bloggers’ posts on a daily basis. EVER. I would love to go back to the old ‘gram!

    Alyssa | Feathers and Stripes

  27. Hey Grace, I never thought anything about the spammy comments on my own posts being that it was coming from other bloggers I follow. But, now that you mention it, I can see how those comments are spammy being that I try to engage with them and there’s no response. I agree with you and everyone else that Instagram has become a pain and every time I feel like I have a strategy down it changes. Anyway, looking forward to more talks like this. Thanks for starting it! Jessika / Beautybyjessika.com

  28. Amber says 1.9.17

    The spam comments have been INTENSE lately! As a smaller blogger, I wonder if me constantly ignoring spammy comments looks like I’m ignoring actual, interested readers and deters real followers from engaging. There are so many levels. You’re right, I’m mad at Instagram. Honestly, I knew that once they became Facebook Jr, it would start to go downhill. FB is a pay to play game, and they’re making IG in its likeness and its so frustrating. I have so much admiration for the way that Snapchat has monetized and introduced ads in a way that doesn’t disturb the user experience. Social media is a money game, and I totally support that, but I hope they don’t forget the users and creators who helped make these platforms everything they are.

    (Wow, didn’t mean to leave a novel)

  29. Jenn J. says 1.9.17

    As a user of IG and follower of many bloggers, I’ve been SO bummed about the algorithm change. I feel like I have to heart every picture if there’s any hope of it showing up in my feed again. Which is great but also I don’t love every photo. So incredibly frustrating. I also loved that people were more freeform (such as yourself) previously. If I want to see perfect photos, then I can go to the blog. But I really miss the peek into the day to day stuff. Now if they’d only change it back. 😐

  30. Jill says 1.9.17

    I’ve noticed another not so great Instagram trend recently. I have had a number of fashion & lifestyle bloggers start following me (I am not a blogger, but I am an interior designer, so it’s a medium I’m trying to increase), so I will in turn follow them back if I like their pics/vibe/etc.

    However, I have gone back and looked a few days later and these bloggers are then no longer following me (I’ve checked on this numerous times w/numerous bloggers). I guess this is a strategy to get more followers, but it left a really bad taste in my mouth about those particular bloggers. I unfollowed all of them. I was just curious if this is something you have seen or if this some sort of known IG strategy that I just wasn’t aware of? I’m fine with “you pat my back, I pat yours” (i.e. – you follow me, I follow you), but this variation on that is shady!!

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  32. Jenn says 1.15.17

    This was so eye opening! I’m still working on cultivating my IG, and don’t post very often, but I could not, for the life of me, figure out why a tribute and photo of my dad (who passed away a few months ago) I posted on his birthday received happy emojis and other random “great!” comments. I also received similar ones on a 9/11 post. Now I know why!

    Happy (Belated) New Year!

  33. Katie says 1.21.17

    I typically just delete the posts because it just drives me nuts! Slow and steady is my motto for engagement on Instagram haha!


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