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  1. Tracy Schwartz says 11.22.16

    This is so awesome. I love a good diy project. Will have to check out Amy!

    That pillow came out great!

  2. Leah says 11.22.16

    Chuck Klosterman is my favorite!!!

  3. Brittany says 11.22.16

    whoa this turned out awesome! what a good gift idea too!

    xo, brittany
    diy winter floral crowns on the blog today!

  4. Marta says 11.22.16

    That looks amazing! And it seems so easy to do!

  5. Julia says 11.22.16

    That tray look amazing! Great work 🙂

  6. Shannon Waisath says 11.23.16

    So stinkin cute! thanks for sharing.


  7. elizabeth ashley says 11.23.16

    I hear so many good things about her too, her person & her company! Love the diy 🙂

  8. Amy brown says 11.26.16

    I just discovered your blog and really enjoy it!

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