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  1. Elle says 11.14.16

    YOUR outfits!!! Can I get a hands up emoji? All are beautiful Hope you had a great trip!
    xo elle // https://splashofpreppy.com

  2. Jessica says 11.14.16

    That pendant is everything, Grace! Congrats on such an amazing collab.


  3. Carly A. Heitlinger says 11.14.16

    That Lilly dress is perfection on you!

  4. Maggie says 11.14.16

    I really love that you are allowing a bit of your natural hair color show!

  5. Jess Zimlich says 11.14.16

    I scheduled in my workouts for the week last night and it felt so good! But why have I never thought to schedule in reading breaks? Genius. So glad you had such a great trip, especially coming off such a draining week. Cheers to a fresh start this week!

  6. Brittany says 11.14.16

    you look so pretty and beachy and sunkissed and summery! what a dream.
    xo, brittany

    i’ve got a gift guide for the kiddos on my blog today!

  7. Marta says 11.14.16

    Both outfits are gorgeous! But the first one is probably my favourite just because of that bag haha

  8. Lauren says 11.14.16

    Love love love that Lily dress! It really is perfect for vacations!!
    XO Lauren

  9. Andi says 11.14.16

    Beyond gorgeous! How exciting about SA. It’s my fave continent.

  10. Jenn Lake says 11.14.16

    Perfect vacation dresses – love! So excited to see more of your jewelry, too!

  11. Breanna Marie says 11.14.16

    French Connection is my favorite! They always seem to know the female form so well. But I have to say, you do way more justice to this dress than the model in the link! They should use your pics!


  12. Lauren says 11.14.16

    I love these dresses, Grace! What made you think to shop @ Lilly Pulitzer? I saw on Insta that you had a couple of Lilly dresses on this trip – they were all so cute on you and I would never have thought to look there!

    Where in SA will your cruise go? Sounds amazing!

  13. aurelia says 11.14.16

    Hi grace! You look so adorable in your pictures- I love the pink dress. I also LOVE your upcoming collection. I am curious What is the price range for your collection? Im hoping I will be able to snag a couple pieces!

  14. Mary says 11.14.16

    oh my goodness, I love both dresses so much! Your hair color is so swoon worthy! I love it.

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  17. carrie says 11.18.16

    Those vibrant colors look amazing on you!


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  19. Theodora says 12.26.16

    Check your IG messages, I sent you a panicky one from the dressing room, haha 🙂 As you know, i’ve been obsessing over that Lilly dress and it was on sale for $239 from $398 today so I went for it! (Really was ready to go for it either way at this point since I’m leaving for Sydney on Wednesday…)

    I came back to this post because was wondering how it fit you! I feel like we are generally about the same size, and the medium fit me perfectly everywhere except was SO gappy in the boobs, like total side boob. They didn’t have a small so I ended up going for the large, which lays flatter on my chest but is ginormous in the back…but for 40% off…I couldn’t not. Like you, will probably take to get tailored after my trip. Do you have a tailor in the city you like? I still take stuff home to NJ sometimes but that’s getting old…

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