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  1. Rachel says 9.9.16

    Amazing! Loving every sets!


  2. Jenn Lake says 9.9.16

    So many cute looks! Happy Friday!

  3. Tracy Schwartz says 9.9.16

    What a great post! And thank you for sharing the look for less! As someone on a tight budget and just starting out dating this will really help!

  4. I am all about that second outfit! SUPER cute!

  5. Josephine says 9.9.16

    Love this!!! First look is killer. Those boots.

  6. Ah, you nailed this post, Grace (and Emily and Kelly)! I really appreciate the fact that you included links to more budget friendly options. As much as I would LOVE to treat myself to a pair of Louboutins, they’re not in the cards for me just yet. Someday!

    Natalie Was Here

  7. Dana says 9.9.16

    This was such a fun post to read, love it!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  8. Thuy says 9.9.16

    Love the brunch and dinner date looks. I could do the lunch date look but maybe slightly different colour palette.


  9. Meghan says 9.9.16

    omg LOVE this post format! It’s so fun to see what an expert would pick (I’m obsessed with that brunch outfit) but also to have more affordable options to easily do a high/low look. Happy Friday!

  10. Lisa Tran says 9.9.16

    This was SUCH a cute post!!! I love all the styling options! Maybe next time, you can get her to spill some dating tips… such as how to LAND a date 😉 so I have an excuse to wear all those cute pieces 😉

    Also loved Kelly chiming in with her affordable pics – super cool idea!


  11. Annie says 9.9.16

    Grace! Longtime daily reader. Just FYI, you have never looked more beautiful. You are simply glowing. I think you are about to attract some really positive energy (likely in the form of a man). Mark my words:you’re radiant. You’re powerful. Good things are coming soon

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  13. Joie Tahoma Dress says 9.12.16

    […] – based upon your feedback on the dating outfits + last week’s Q&A, I’m going to try to remember to add a “Look for […]

  14. Shannon Waisath says 9.13.16

    Oh my god the Brunch date outfit is my absolute fav! So so so cute!


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