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  1. Marty says 7.26.16

    Boy, did I need this this morning!! Thanks, Grace. All great tips (I love the one about paying someone a sincere compliment! Seeing the surprise & smile on their face makes ME happy / lifts my mood. Two I would add: Getting a good mani/pedi or blowout. And praying. Having faith that things will get better and whatever is going on in the moment will pass.

  2. Love these tips! Especially the flowers one! They always brighten my mood!

  3. Jessica says 7.26.16

    Always a good idea to play with the puppies at the pet store…they probably need it a lot more than you do!!

  4. Natali says 7.26.16

    Yep! All are 100% bulletproof ways to fix a bad day… I’ve had a few of these lately and doing small things like buying yourself flowers, giving a smile to a stranger, meeting a friend for a drink or going out in the nature/ by the sea for a long walk worked like a magic for me. 🙂


  5. Jenn Lake says 7.26.16

    Love this list! Positivity changes everything, and you are such a great example of that! Have a great day!

  6. Thuy says 7.26.16

    Sometimes when I’m having a horrible day, I have to just zonk out and take a break the whole day. Sometimes it’s needed! Otherwise, I’ll try to listen to some relaxing music or watch a relaxing video to zone you as a break.


  7. Danielle says 7.27.16

    These are wonderfullllll tips, and some I haven’t heard before in similar posts, like smelling citrus!
    I’m very attracted to citrusy scents, so this would definitely work for me. And for some reason, a shower also gives me the feeling of restarting my day. Yesterday I had morning class and then was feeling lethargic and miserable. I took a shower before going into work at 4pm and it made me feel much better!

    afloat on a full sea

  8. Iris says 7.27.16

    I like this list. I have a drink, just a cup of tea or an energy drink, talk to a friend, read a good book, or watch a documentary to turn my days around.

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  10. paul says 1.2.17


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