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  1. Amanda S. says 5.27.16

    Wow – what a cool opportunity! Love what you made!!

  2. Allison says 5.27.16

    Love this!!! I never knew about Rhode Island’s history with jewelry!

  3. heather says 5.27.16

    Amazing post!

  4. Claire says 5.27.16

    What a cool experience! Love the necklace that you designed!

  5. What a cool post! I never knew any of this about Loren Hope – such an interesting history to Rhode Island and I love her commitment to honoring its past and sharing the story through her brand. Plus her pieces are just beautiful.

  6. Regine Karpel says 5.27.16
  7. Helen says 5.27.16

    Love Loren Hope– thank you so much for featuring! Really fun content

  8. […] Grace of The Stripe recently visited the Loren Hope studio in Rhode Island, and I can’t help but say I’m a little jealous. Her and her mom got to design their own statement jewelry… so fun! […]

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