DIY Aquazzura-inspired Pom Pom Sandals.

DIY Aquazzura Inspired Pom Pom Sandals

I can’t be the only one who is/was completely and utterly obsessed with Aquazzura’s Pom Pom Sandals, right? I also can’t be the only one who balked at the $795 price tag and thought… “I could probably just make something similar.” This tutorial is crazy easy. I ended up going with a softer color palette (pinks + blush tones) but you could just as easily use primary colors like the original.

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals11

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals1

I chose to embellish Steve Madden’s Irenee Sandal as it’s structurally very similar to the Aquazzura sandals… and has a nice comfy block heel.

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals2

You’ll Need…

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals3

Apply a thin ribbon of glue to the top of your sandal.

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals4

Slowly, carefully add the trim. Be sure to go slowly to keep the pom poms out of the glue… and ensure the trim is applied nice and straight!

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals5 DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals6

Repeat with a second row of trim…

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals7

And a third!DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals8

I chose to embellish the ankle strap. This took a bit more work (my fingers were covered in glue by the end) but I think it adds a nice touch. You just have to be really careful and ensure that you don’t cover up any of the holes… and that you keep the trim nice and straight.

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals9

DIY Aquazzura Pom Pom Sandals10

And you’re done! Allow to dry and then wear your creation proudly.

Top photo by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Becca says 4.27.16


  2. Sarah says 4.27.16

    So cute! I actually think I like yours better than the originals. This would also be a fun/ easy DIY with rhinestones too 🙂

  3. alyson says 4.27.16

    So cute, Grace, and agree with the other reader — I like yours better!!

  4. Roxanne says 4.27.16

    Wow! Amazing!

  5. Regine Karpel says 4.27.16
  6. kim says 4.27.16

    these are amazing!! fantastic tutorial.

  7. terri martin says 4.27.16

    This is so helpful – I need to plan a trip!

    1. terri martin says 4.27.16

      Oops! I commented on the wrong post. Love these sandals, but your trip looked epic! #fail

  8. heather says 4.27.16

    These are amazing!!! Great tutorial.

  9. lily says 4.27.16

    LOVE THIS! So creative!!! I like yours better, too!

  10. Trina says 4.27.16

    How fun! Can’t wait to breathe new life into an old pair of sandals! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Rachel says 4.28.16

    Those are so cute! And a much better price point 🙂 Thinking about trying it with different shades of blue.

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  13. M says 4.29.16
  14. Chloe says 4.30.16

    Super creative idea, and looks so great!

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  16. Julie Lauren says 5.3.16

    SUCH a good idea. These are so fun and PERFECT for the summer. I’m not so crafty, but I might attempt these! xo Julie

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  18. Jordan Troublefield says 5.13.16

    Really need to make these !

  19. Karen says 5.13.16

    Fabulous idea! I’ve beaded shoes, but the pom-pom idea is so creative! Cheers to you!

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  22. Mila says 6.29.16

    So cute! I’m thinking of making something similar. I was wondering which color are those Irenee sandals -tan suede or tan nubuck?

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  26. Pam says 1.11.17

    Oh my, these are gorgeous! Need to try this asap! <3


  27. Zen says 1.16.17

    These shoes are way too cute! And nice legs! 🙂

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