Watermelon Martini Recipe.

watermelon martini recipe7

Happy National Watermelon Day! (Yes, that’s a real thing… and yes, I love made up holidays – especially when they pertain to food and/or cocktails.)

When I was in my early twenties, my friend Kristen used to make us the most incredible watermelon martinis for book club and girls’ nights. The recipe is pretty easy and yields a cocktail that is insanely refreshing and delicious. Her original version called for two parts vodka (to one part watermelon puree + one part watermelon schnapps) but I thought that it was a bit too strong (I can’t drink like I could eight years ago!), so I dialed back the vodka a bit.. you can add more if you’d like, but I think this ratio is jussst right.

Also… since I know you’ll ask, my martini glasses are from BHLDN. They’re actually for champagne, but I use them for pretty much everything (including ice cream) as they are so pretty. (Get them here.)

watermelon martini recipe1


  • Vodka (I’m personally a Kettle One girl, but any vodka will work just fine)
  • Watermelon Schnapps (Kristen used Pucker, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the city!)
  • Fresh Watermelon
  • Triple Sec
  • Lime Juice

watermelon martini recipe2

Start by making the watermelon puree. I just chopped mine up and put it in the Vitamix. You could also use a food processor.

watermelon martini recipe3

Add 1.5 oz. vodka to a martini glass.

watermelon martini recipe4

Then, add 1.5 oz watermelon puree.

watermelon martini recipe5

Next, add just under an ounce. (.75 oz, if we’re being specific!) Watermelon Schnapps.

watermelon martini recipe6

Finish with a squeeze of lime and a splash of triple sec, stir, and garnish with a wedge of watermelon. Sit back and enjoy.

watermelon martini recipe8

watermelon martini recipe9

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  1. Bree says 8.3.15

    I love this recipe! I also love made up holidays when pertaining to food and cocktails.. the best.

  2. Michelle says 8.3.15

    OMG That looks so good! My mouth is watering. I’ll have to try this soon, thanks for sharing the recipe. 🙂


  3. This looks fantastic! My husband doesn’t like watermelon but I wonder if he would like this…sounds delicious to me! 🙂

  4. christin says 8.3.15

    i’m thirsty, please send me one of these. and bring yourself.

  5. alyson says 8.3.15

    Looks so delicious & refreshing!

  6. Cathleen says 8.3.15

    I love those glasses. That style seems hard to find. I don’t really drink alcohol or like watermelon, but one time I drank quite a few watermelon martinis. So I may try this with a tweak for a flavor I’m remembering. hahaha
    Love these quick recipes.

  7. Maja says 8.4.15

    Would love this – I am positive! 🙂 I am pregnant though. so it will have to wait 😉 No worries – I saved it for the future.
    x M.

  8. Lucy says 8.5.15

    Oh wow, I love watermelon so much so this sounds fantastic!
    Life inside the Locket

  9. Susan says 8.6.15

    watermelon martinis are one of my favorite drinks. this looks amazing.

  10. Jamie says 8.10.15

    I tried this recipe over the weekend – thanks for sharing! It was a great last minute option when I wanted something different but seasonally appropriate. Any excuse to use watermelon, especially when paired with vodka, is a great choice in my book.

    Jamie // Hello There, Lady!

    • graceatwood says 8.10.15

      this makes me so happy to hear!!! I’m glad you made it and enjoyed. xx

  11. Merritt says 8.10.15

    made-up holidays are my fave, but I’m never on top of them!! The only one I really can say I do right is National Ice Cream Day, because I actually eat ice cream pretty much daily…. oops! This looks so yummy!

    The Style Scribe

  12. Ashley says 8.11.15

    These look SO amazing! I am going to need to try these for sure!!