Winter Beauty Routine.


It’s a bit of a change for me but this winter, I’ve been more into playing up my eyes than my lips (and you probably know by now I’ve always been big into the red lips. Lately, the look I love the most is dewy pale skin, a little smoke around my eyes, and a nude glossy lip. It’s simple and a little bit more sophisticated than I usually go for.

My skincare routine is more or less the same (per usual, I wash my face with this cleansing oil and moisturize with Tata Harper’s face lotion) but I’ve added in Tata Harper’s contouring serum (morning + night, between cleansing and moisturizing) and before bed I religiously apply a layer of this face oil (so so hydrating – I wrote more about it here.)

For makeup, I’m really into a few of the products from NARS’ new “Eye Opening Act” collection (available exclusively at Nordstrom.) My favorite product in the line is this multiple stick, which will give pale skin the prettiest glow (like bronzer but NOT bronzer.) After applying the tiniest amount of foundation (literally just a few drops which I basically blend into my moisturizer) I rub this onto the apples of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose, and into my hairline. A little bit of highlighter goes on my brow bone and just above the temples and I’m done prepping my skin.

On the eyes, I don’t use mascara because I have extensions, but if I didn’t have the extensions, I would be using this one. It’s the best and leaves lashes long, thick, and curled! Apply a several coats for maximum volume & curl. I line my eyes using these shadow sticks (also from the collection… I love Dark Angel (a sultry brown) or Reykjavik, a navy blue.) I should note that the reason I love using shadow sticks as liner is because they give a more smudged “second day” effect. The look is intentionally more messy, but I am bad at eyeliner so it works out in my favor. And then I use the eyeshadows in this palette. I love the lighter shades on the left side, but the two browns in the middle are great for a smoky look.

Last but not least, lips! Like I said, I’ve always been into red lipstick (and still am) but a more natural lip feels so fresh right now. One of my girlfriends turned me onto Chanel “Boy,” which is becoming an obsession. It’s a gloss-stick hybrid and though it looks pinky in the photo above, it’s more of a nude. Like your natural color, but (way) better.

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  1. ohh i love that eye shadow palatte. xo jillian

    • The NARS eye shadow palette is one of my favorites. I need to check out your other picks and stock up on some new pretties. Thanks! – Allison

  2. Alexandra Puffer says 1.12.15

    Chanel Boy is my everyday lip color too. Such a fabulous product – I definitely wear it as I would a chapstick. It adds just the right amount of shine and hint of color.

    Warm Regards,

  3. The Multiple’ Stick is a must-have. I really love the eyeshadow palette as well. Happy Monday, Grace 🙂

  4. Jenn says 1.12.15

    Those NARS eyeshadow palettes are beyond gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a new highlighter too, as powder doesn’t mesh as well with the dry, winter skin. I might have to check out this life saving Multiple Stick!
    Jenn at Jenn Inspired

  5. Lindsay Ava says 1.12.15

    I have never tried Nars, since I haven’t seen them in any shops nearby! However these eyeshadows look gorgeous 🙂

  6. Belen says 1.12.15

    I want to start playing a little bit more with my eyes as well
    Xo, Belen
    A Hint of Life

  7. kimberlyfitzsimmons says 1.12.15

    I am always looking for new lipstick recommendations and that Chanel “Boy” sounds perfect!

  8. Briana says 1.13.15

    I love NARS and I think I need to get my hands on this collection! Love all of this 🙂


  9. Juliana Isaac says 1.13.15

    I’ve heard so many great things about Tata Harper skincare and the Laura Mercier foundation, I’ve only used her tinted moisturizer. Can’t wait to try it out!

  10. Alexandra says 1.14.15

    Awww! I LOVE your new site – so sexy! Great job, lady – def worth the work xo

    Warm Regards,