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  1. Eden says 1.24.15
  2. Carolyn says 1.24.15

    Thieves oil on the feet, put on socks, go to sleep. I’m just getting the hang of essential oils and their many uses. Kicking sickness out and my room smells awesome. Good luck and congrats on all the big things!!

  3. Lindsay Ava says 1.25.15

    That article on Wellness is really interesting! I think it’s a good thing though, I’m one for needing a lot of motivation & inspiration for healthy living. And that blazer is gorgeous, loving the cut 🙂

  4. Ash Diamond says 1.25.15

    I also add more hot lemon water to my routine when fighting a cold and I swear by rubbing Vicks Vapo Rub on chests – it is like the strong smell kills anything inside.

  5. Vanessa says 1.25.15

    It’s pretty gross, but I swear Oil of Oregano is magic. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I put 3 drops under my tongue and then gulp down a big glass of water – only once per day! Also, hot water with lemon and ginger.

  6. […] other day Grace mentioned this article in her weekend reading and I so enjoyed it because I’ve lived in two cities where wellness is most certainly is a […]

  7. Delaney says 1.27.15

    I loved that salt stain removal video. The music made me laugh a little!
    That wellness article was interesting too. I think it is starting to become true…

  8. Tom Atkinson says 2.16.15

    Love all your wellness themes

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