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  1. Heidi says 8.7.14

    That oil looks amazing. I’d definitely love to win one of these.


  2. gina maresca says 8.7.14

    Just discovered face oils! I also have dry skin. I need to invest in some!

  3. Julia Hickman says 8.7.14

    I love face oils, so pampering and radiance-boosting 🙂

  4. bart says 8.7.14

    Yay! Just got my samples of the oil today. Can’t wait to try!!!


  5. Yumsy says 8.7.14

    Havent tried any of Sisley products. I love face masks and I do it 2x a week. Would love to indulge my skin with anti-aging face oil. Thank you for this giveaway.

  6. Bee says 8.8.14

    Awesome giveaway !! Wish I had twitter – keeping my fingers crossed!! 😉

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