Designer DIY: Holst & Lee Bag Charm


For part two of my DIY series {refer to part one here!} with Holst & Lee, we decided to make a tassel bag charm // key ring. This one is really easy. Making the tassels gets a little tedious since you have to make six of them, but the end result is worth it. So fun and perfect for summer. I use it for my keys but have also been clamping it on to the end of my Cleobella Mexicana Clutch. Also, get excited – Holst & Lee also sells a decidedly more elaborate one on their site here… and we may or may not be giving one away tomorrow afternoon!


Materials: Two Brass Headpins // Six Brass End Caps // Beads // 8 Brass Jump Rings // 24 inches of Raffia Trim {hard to find but this is very similar} // Two pairs of Needle Nose Pliers {not pictured} // Wire Cutters {not pictured} // Lighter or Blow Torch {not pictured} // Needle and Thread // E6000 Glue {not pictured} // a few links of chain // key ring or hook closure


Start by using both sets of pliers to open one end of the chain. Open it just enough to attach it to your hook and the close tightly.



Using the steps from this post, make six tassels and two bead charms. Attach the two bead charms to the top links, and then your tassel charms to the bottom links. And… done.



{the original – up for grabs tomorrow… and the DIY… not bad!}


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  1. Saša Rakovec says 4.29.14
  2. jillian says 4.29.14

    yah! love this project!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  3. Bee says 4.29.14

    Love the tassel FOB!! So cute!

  4. Emma Fox says 4.29.14

    I love that!! I really need to head over to Michael’s soon and start crafting again!

  5. Belen says 4.29.14

    I love the one with the 3 tassels. so pretty. looks really cool.
    Xo, Belen
    Androbel Insider

  6. Erica @ HonestlyWTF says 4.29.14

    so fun!!

  7. Annie Reeves says 4.29.14

    How fun! Love this project.

  8. This is amazing and so gorgeous! The colors in the raffia trim are exquisite.
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  9. laurenkolodny says 4.29.14

    YES This is right up my alley! great work Grace and Natalie

  10. Candace says 4.30.14

    I love it!!!


  11. […] yesterday’s DIY, we made a {scaled back} version of Holst + Lee’s amazing bag charms. Aren’t they so great? My friend Natalie {the […]

  12. Fran says 5.2.14

    Super tassels! Love the idea of making a mass of tassels, or a tassel of tassels, from lots of tassels put together (definitely said tassels too much in that sentence!)

  13. […] All elements of your look should be perfect and thought through including the tiniest details. That’s why we’ve decided to share this bag charm tutorial. You’ll need 2 brass headpins, 6 brass end caps, beads, 8 brass jump rings, 24 inches of raffia trim, 2 pairs of needle nose pliers, wire cutters, lighter or blow torch, needle, thread, glue, a few links of chain and key ring or hook closure. Use both sets of pliers to open one end of the chain. Open it just enough to attach it to your hook and the close tightly. Tightly roll up your raffia. Stab the roll with your needle, thread. Pull the thread about six inches through the little bundle and begin to wrap the thread around your bundle. The rest of the tutorial is here. […]

  14. I actually prefer the DIY to the original! 🙂

  15. Niquole Abram says 5.19.16

    Those are so pretty! I love tassels and have been making them with embroidery floss and beads. 🙂

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