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  1. Such a great idea!

  2. So easy…and so chic. Would make such a great personalize gift! Would love to do that to a tray!

  3. Ashley says 8.13.13

    These are great! What a good idea!

  4. obsessed. i have so much work to do but all i want to do is stop and do a monogram! just got a leather notebook that it would be perfect for.

  5. Whitney says 8.14.13

    Simple and fun. If you ask me in a month, I’m probably going to have like 20 new monogrammed items around my apartment.

  6. Maria G. says 8.30.13

    Hey! This is lovely 🙂 Appreciate all that and have a question. Do you have many more? Could you show them to us? I used to think that’s difficult until I read your article. Now, I’m on my way to start making my own.

  7. Gold Monogram says 9.5.13

    […] all times, in my purse, on my desk. Wherever I go it’s close by.  So as soon as Grace from Stripes & Sequins shared a fool proof tutorial for how to create your own monogram at home… I knew this little […]

  8. […] ultimate notebook has to be monogrammed – I have been working on mine, but here is a great blog on how to make your […]

  9. styleonthecouch says 9.23.13

    I just came back from a trip to the US South where monogramming was huge! I think this could be a nice way to do it myself, lovely post.


  10. Heidi Hastings says 9.30.13

    Great Idea! Love it!

  11. Very cute! Love monograms!

  12. Need to make 1 for my blogging calendar 🙂

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