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  1. Justyna says 6.20.13

    It’s amazing, I love it so much! And it’s very easy to make, I can see 😉 I just need to find these crystlas… 😀

  2. Quinn Cooper says 6.20.13

    Really awesome DIY. I love all of ManiaMania’s stuff.
    It’s so cool!
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  3. Bárbara Godinho says 6.20.13

    I Love it!

  4. daisy o says 6.20.13

    this is so pretty! love that the crystals are all a little bit different!

    & Pretty Things

  5. Alyssa Longobucco says 6.20.13

    This is so awesome, Grace. I love the look of rough-cut crystals. Tough and pretty at the same time!

  6. Alexa says 6.20.13

    See, this is so amazing, because I initially looked at it and thought…that looks so well put together and time-consuming, but honestly…super easy. Thanks Grace! 🙂

  7. Meghan says 6.20.13

    so perfect for layering! love it!

  8. viv says 6.20.13

    AMAZING! I love ManiaMania pieces so this is so great.

  9. melissa says 6.20.13

    This is so pretty! May need to go pick up the supplies this weekend

  10. I love this!! And you’re right, pretty easy (I think even *I* could do it). Can’t wait to catch up later today!

  11. Wow this does look pretty easy and the results are incredible! That quartz is gorgeous. Off to follow Jenn… thanks for the intro.


  12. Samantha says 6.20.13

    Ooooo. So simple and stunning. Nice find on the end caps as well. Big ones seem hard to find sometimes.

  13. The crystals would make me think that I’m wearing good luck charms around my neck! And the fact they’re clear means they’d go with my entire wardrobe. I love love this idea.
    Hugs, Jennifer

  14. Simple-Savvy says 6.20.13

    Wow!! This is one of my favorite diy posts of yours! I absolutely love it <3

  15. Deryl J. says 6.21.13

    Very nice! (More DIY’s please)

  16. popcornandpandas says 6.21.13

    Where do you purchase your materials for these projects? Very pretty btw.



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  18. Gaby says 6.22.13

    Ummm I want to do this! Love it!

  19. love it! ManiaMania puts out the best collections don’t they? love your take on this necklace!

  20. Kelly Miranda says 6.24.13

    Wow that necklace is so adorable and classy. I love it! I’ve actually been creating jewelry too with Swarovski crystals and necklace chains from M&J Trimming. Don’t know if you’ve heard of them, but they’re having 15% off all chains right now. You should check them out.. Such good accessories to create new jewelry designs with. The promo code is CHAIN201. And it expires 8/31/13.. I’d say it’s well worth it!

    And here’s the website: http://www.mjtrim.com/trims/chains.html

  21. greatrockmoon says 6.24.13

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Really nice work.

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  24. Lindsey says 6.26.13

    Oh, wow! This is such a great DIY, Grace! I have been really into crystals lately. I see a craft night in my near future.

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  34. Megan Stark says 8.28.14

    This is awesome! My next DIY for sure, what is the thickness/ size of your curb chain?

  35. Another DIY I would actually wear 🙂

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