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  1. meghan says 1.3.13

    lady, you never cease to amaze me with your DIYs. I am so impressed – the necklace is darling!

  2. aini says 1.3.13

    WOW! it’s looks so simple but also beautiful. Definitely will be the next DIY to try out. Thank you for the amazing idea 😀

  3. Alyssa says 1.3.13

    I can’t believe how fantastic you are at this, Grace! I actually saw a similar piece recently that I fell in love with, so I might attempt making it myself instead! Where do you get all your supplies in NYC?

  4. christin says 1.3.13

    there isn’t a chance in hell i’d finish this one. why can’t DIYs DIY themselves?

  5. Wow, Grace! You are SO creative – this necklace almost looks identical to the Lizzie Fortunato… beautiful!

    Happy New Year!

    Life on the Squares

  6. Sarah says 1.3.13

    This is amazing! It looks just like the designer piece!

  7. ashley says 1.3.13

    looks beautiful! and so fun to see lizzie’s name… i’ve never met her, but i’m friends with her bff, katie kime, who has a gorgeous home goods line!

  8. Jamie says 1.3.13

    Wow, that turned out fabulous! How in the world do you have time for such complicated projects! haha


  9. M. (Faded M Style) says 1.3.13

    That’s a beautiful necklace! It looks designer and store bought! You are so very talented, Grace! xo
    Best, M.

  10. EBK Riley says 1.3.13

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing such a great project.

  11. Elizabeth says 1.3.13

    Geez Louise!!! Ahhhhmazing, lady!!! Xoxo

  12. This is one of my favorite DIY necklaces. I’m going to have to try and replicate!!
    Happy 2013!

  13. Noemi says 1.3.13

    If I look at the photos everything seems so easy… But I don’t know if I’m able!

  14. Aimee says 1.3.13

    So gorgeous! The colors turned out beautiful!

  15. Love the mix of materials– I’ve been dying to DIY some Lizzie Fortunato too. Nice work Grace!

  16. Chelsea says 1.3.13

    So creative. The result is fantastic and it seems like it could be a great Sunday activity! Wear it with pride. xo

  17. nerr says 1.3.13

    most fabulous, ever.

  18. Emily says 1.3.13

    Love the mix of pearls, chain and fabric. Turned out fantastic!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  19. Um, this necklace is flippin amazing. I love the colors!!!

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  21. Cassie says 1.4.13

    Seriously, Grace. This is amazing. I love that your DIYs always looks like something you could buy in a store (loving the Etsy shop, by the way). This might have to be my weekend project. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    More Mascara, Please

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  23. Alison says 1.4.13

    This is just so pretty! Great job!

  24. Beth says 1.5.13

    This is really cool! And so ambitious. I’d be a unsure how to start something with so many layers but you made it look easy! 🙂

  25. mel says 1.5.13

    This necklace is adorable, but the ends look unfinished to me. Is there a way that the ends of each section (rope, braid, chain, beads) could meet up and be covered instead of hanging loose?

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  27. Rach xo says 1.7.13

    wow thats beautiful. you are so talented!


  28. brighton says 1.9.13

    I know there are a lot of DIY blogs out there, but I really do think YOU and your blog is one of the VERY VERY VERY best (and elite!!!) among them all! You are SO creative and original – and I LOVE this DIY! Keep up the good work!

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  30. Erica says 1.16.13

    this is so good!!!

  31. carlyjcais says 1.21.13

    This is amazingly beautiful, Grace! It looks so expensive too:-) Thanks so much for your tip about the larger box chain…I think the ones you used in this tutorial would indeed by perfect!

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  35. Marie Parker says 3.11.13

    I love this mixed-media collar necklace! I would definitely do this with Swarovski crystals instead of pearls, and with a thick gold chain instead of black rope! I think my plans will equally be beautiful like this (featured)! I learned how to make beautiful jewelry by enrolling in the jewelry making classes by Dragonfly Designs (http://www.jewelrybydfly.com) here in South San Francisco. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an expert jewelry maker and entrepreneur someday. 🙂

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  37. Barbara says 4.16.13

    Omg!!! this is such amazing! cannot believe it’s diy! love it, it does look like a lot of work, great job in the end 🙂
    I also tried my own diy, starting with a collar necklace, please have a look at:

  38. Judi says 7.7.13

    To be honest, I like yours more than the original.

  39. Naomi Prinsloo says 10.25.13

    I am a huge fan of multi-layer multimedia accessories! I’m so excited to include this (with a twist) to my collection. I enrolled in Dragonfly Designs (http://www.jewelrybydfly.com) to learn everything fashion crafts and jewelry making. I want to do great things too! And maybe a DIY blog too? Thanks for being an inspiration!

  40. QACHESA says 2.12.14

    Love the color range & the fact that it’s so delicately simple yet chic nevertheless.

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  42. inez says 4.20.14

    Criatividade fantástica.Parabens

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