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  1. christin says 1.8.13

    my favorite part was the use of the bud light bottle. hands down.

    1. haha! agreed

  2. Liz Schneider says 1.8.13

    So gorgeous! You find the most amazing DIY essentials.

  3. Alyssa says 1.8.13

    This is amazing, and could not look easier. I’m so making this cuff this weekend. Thanks for another incredible DIY, Grace!

  4. looks so chic & so simple – great DIY!

    XO, Stefanie

  5. alyson says 1.8.13

    wow, awesome!! absolutely love the final product. It’s so unique. This is one to try!

  6. Denise says 1.8.13

    Wow, you are so clever, I want to make these!!! Love that you are using the old lace! xox Mom

  7. Anna @ IHOD says 1.8.13

    Grace this is stunning!! I love it!

  8. Rachel says 1.8.13

    You’re so crafty!

  9. Kristina says 1.8.13

    What a cool DIY!! It looks great.


    Kristina does the Internets

  10. Looks great Grace! Sometimes I tempted to include a beer bottle in my supply shots since I like to craft with a drink : )

  11. Julie Leah says 1.8.13

    Seriously, amazing!!!

  12. viv says 1.8.13

    LOOOOVE this DIY project!

  13. Sarah says 1.8.13

    I was just admiring this one from Emily (http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/five-things-105/lace-cuff/) and wondering how to make one. Love when things have perfect timing!

  14. Genius!!! I just love this!!!

  15. Eileen says 1.8.13

    Its gorgeous!

  16. rita says 1.8.13

    love this! i wonder if it would work with gold leaf paint to give it even more of a gilded look? may need to try this out!

  17. Kinjal says 1.8.13

    This cuff is beautiful! I love the gold vintage feel it gives.

  18. Maya says 1.8.13

    This is seriously amazing Grace! I love how you made such good use of the beer bottle too – serious skill right there!


  19. Alex says 1.8.13

    Oh so pretty! I love lace jewelry!

  20. Kelli Flores says 1.8.13

    In a world that I think is becoming a little over-DIY’ed, this is a clever little gem. I love it!

  21. Adiel says 1.9.13

    I may actually have to do this one! So fun!

  22. Looooooove! Curious — where do you spray paint in the city? I need to find a place to paint outside here!

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  24. Swati Ailawadi says 1.16.13

    Oh wow ! this is so amazing. I just found you on IFB and so happy that I did.

    I have a gold cuff too, which I couldn’t wear much ( I felt it is too much bling) But now you just gave me a solution.

    I am new to DIY so do not know if Stiffen Quick will be available here( India) but I am so in love with idea that I have to make it work somehow for you !

    Thanks a tonne for this one !

    Find me on Bloglovin

  25. Emily Grace Moon says 2.4.13

    LOVE this idea. DIY jewelry is so hard to do – some of it can come out so wrong (..I know this firsthand). But this is great! I’m definitely inspired.

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  27. Lauren says 2.10.13

    I love this DIY!!!! Thanks for sharing I am definitely going to try it soon 🙂 I am loving the lace on it xo

  28. Michelle says 3.5.13

    SO simple and very pretty! Nice job :)!

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  29. I just stumbled upon your page through bloglovin and came across this post! Such a unique way to create a custom fashion accessory!

  30. […] Image: source […]

  31. Sandi Galion Hodge says 1.7.17

    Beautiful, and easy.
    An Excellent DIY
    Thank You for Sharing
    I love it, even tho I’m more of a Silver type than Gold.

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