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  1. Stephanie says 11.6.12

    I love this! Bookmarked for myself and possibly holiday gifts 🙂

  2. truebluemeandyou says 11.6.12

    This looks so much more substantial than the other wrapped rhinestone bracelets. Really love this bracelet and how you can change the color of the waxed linen to give it a different look. Posted photos (not tutorial) and link on my blog 🙂

  3. Maria Nichole says 11.6.12

    Perfect! I love the simplicity of it, not to mention the pretty pastel colour of your waxed linen.

  4. christin says 11.6.12

    so adorbs! i think i could actually do this one 🙂

  5. Julie & Lauren says 11.6.12

    Adorable! And love the site re-do!!! Gorgeous, Grace. Xo

  6. Alyssa says 11.6.12

    This is SO pretty! I can’t believe how easy it looks!

    The Glossy Life

  7. Kim // Six2Eleven says 11.6.12

    Love this! These would make great xmas gifts for my girlfriends!


  8. Very cool! It’s like a glammed up version of your ball-chain bracelet!

  9. Erica says 11.6.12

    AWESOME!!! so making this!

  10. Cassie says 11.6.12

    Ahhh, I love this one! I’m always looking for sparkly bracelets because my gold ones get a little boring sometimes. This is perfect, and so easy looking!
    Excited to try this one, Grace.

  11. P&F says 11.6.12

    OMG! I just discovered your blog and I LOOOVE it!
    I was very happy, until I found out your pinterest page..
    .. Now I won’t be able to sleep until 3am! ;p hehehe

    Great style and great page!

    Take care 🙂



  12. miiu says 11.7.12

    all i have to do now is wait for my rhinestone chains and 39401 other jewellery-stuff i got on ebay to arrive 😀 i’ve really fallen for diy jewellery (bracelets especially) and cannot wait to try this one out! thank you 🙂

  13. Diva by D-sign says 11.7.12

    Thank you! This is gonna make an elegant gift.

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  15. WOW; I love your new site design!! cool!!!

    And i clearly love the DIY but thats a given 🙂

    love K

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  17. TheresaD says 12.13.12

    thanks much! very creative! And, I know it’ll be harder than the tutorial looks, but oh, how happy will I be!?! I’m making Christmas presents this weekend!

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