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  1. […] must admit when Grace, of Stripes & Sequins, suggested that we each try making our own Markus Lupfer-inspired […]

  2. PennyPincherFashion says 10.9.12

    This is so far beyond what I’m capable of, but I love it! 🙂


  3. Anna Liesemeyer says 10.9.12

    Grace, this turned out amazing. What a fun collaboration, and can’t wait to see Erica’s version.
    Have a wonderful day~

  4. Drew Elizabeth says 10.9.12

    omg this is great! Thanks for the DIY share!

  5. Tierney says 10.9.12

    So cute!  I want to try this with a big leopard head!  (or a fox!)

  6. MEOW!

  7. So cute! Cats and fashion are my two favorite things, basically.

  8. Julie & Lauren says 10.9.12

    Ok, you are too cute. I think it’s time you start selling this stuff. I would seriously buy!

  9. Erica & Lauren says 10.9.12

    MEOW!!! Can’t wait for more DIY fun with you! xx

  10. Viviana Carmona says 10.9.12

    I love it!!! Markus Lupfer sweaters are amazing but do cost a fortune so this is brilliant.

  11. kristiina ^..^ says 10.9.12

    Love it! I am going to make one for sure!

  12. Smash says 10.9.12

    So cute. I’m dying to try one. 

  13. Nicole Levine says 10.9.12

    Um this is paw-fect! sorry i had to. 🙂

  14. tanya_caines says 10.10.12

    How cute!

  15. […] design the purrfect pullover for the occasion. Grab the sequins and the glue and get to it meow! Via Stripes and Sequins ._glam_RA_article{height:60px;} ._glam_RA_latest_post […]

  16. Outfit: Meow! says 10.12.12

    […] Sweater // J.Crew Toothpick Jeans // Kate Spade Shoes // Celine Sunglasses […]

  17. Jordan - Queen of LA says 10.12.12

    i mean… this is probably the cutest thing ive ever seen. just saying.

  18. Lisa Harrold says 10.13.12

    Adorable! I love Erica’s version too.

    Sweaters and sequins – it’s a winning combination

  19. Jessie says 10.16.12

    This is so amazing it’s RIDICULOUS! And you FREE-HANDED that cat?!?!  That’s where this project would fall apart for me, which is why I’ll be trying the same technique with a simple heart (that will end up looking like an abstract amoeba). 😉 XOXO

  20. Kara Endres says 10.16.12

    Cute!! Looks like the DIY sequin sweaters are catching on. Erica’s sweater is so cute too! Now we all match 🙂

  21. Jamie says 10.22.12

    Oh my gosh this is SO cute! What a great DIY!


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  26. […] must admit when Grace, of Stripes & Sequins, suggested that we each try making our own Markus Lupfer-inspired […]

  27. […] inspired two tutorials on Honestly WTF and Stripes & Sequins which are both amazing, would make amazing presents for friends/siblings/funky […]

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