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  1. V. M. says 8.29.12

    I totally agree with you! I adore summer, but now I can’t wait for the fall and winter to start just because of the trends – I hate rain and snow 😀

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    1. graceatwood says 9.5.12

      Me too… love sweater weather! 🙂

  2. The Avg Girl Guide says 8.29.12

    those alice + olivia heels are amazing! And, totally agree… so ready to start wearing deeper hues and cozy, yet more formal clothing. 

    1. graceatwood says 9.5.12

      They aren’t terribly uncomfortable, either!

  3. PennyPincherFashion says 8.29.12

    I am totally with you on the dark colors – obsessed with burgundy and forest green right now!  Those heels are to die for!!


    1. graceatwood says 9.5.12

      Thank you… I ended up getting them and LOVE them!

  4. inhonorofdesign says 8.29.12

    I just snagged a pair of leather jeggings…a must have for fall:) That ring is spectacular!

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      Ahh, jealous!  Where did you grab yours?

  5. Elizabeth Schneider says 8.29.12

    Those heels are 100% necessary for fall!

    1. graceatwood says 9.5.12

      Agree! 🙂

  6. Evann Clingan says 8.29.12

    Leather leggings seem like such a fun and edgy piece to add to my fall wardrobe. Maybe to pair with a chunky sweater for contrast? Great suggestions!


    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      Yeah, I think they’d look great with a big chunky sweater.

  7. I am so ready for fall weather and outfits!  Love the leather leggings!

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      Me too… now, to find an amazing yet affordable pair – that’s the challenge!!

  8. i am obsessed with that bag. obsessed. 

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      Just so perfect.

  9. Sarah Pickell says 8.29.12

    leather leggings….yes please! 

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      I’m obsessed. 🙂

  10. Rox says 8.29.12

    omg! I’m obsessed w/ that bunny tee!

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      I know… it is just too cute!

  11. Kristin & Megan says 8.29.12

    Smokin’! Dying over those A+O pumps!

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      I love them, so, so much!

  12. tanya_caines says 8.29.12

    Ah the skull ring and leather pants.. 

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      Right?  *dies…*

  13. Nicole Levine says 8.30.12

    i’ll take one of each especially the leather pants with the zippers!

    1. Grace Atwood says 9.5.12

      I know… those are my favorite!!

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