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  1. hannah says 8.28.12

    Grace! I love this necklace! I cant wait to try it out


    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      thank you, Hannah!

  2. Elizabeth Schneider says 8.28.12

    Both designs are gorgeous! I love that theirs can be a bit dressier but yours makes more of a statement. So fun.

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Exactly – it was so much fun to see how we each took similar supplies and came up with something so different. I love both, so much.

  3. Tierney says 8.28.12

    Cuteeeee.  I want to try this with red and navy! 

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Oh you must! Would be very you!! xx

    1. Grace Atwood says 8.28.12

      I have to disagree with you, Alyssa.  While I absolutely love the necklace you link to, what differentiates the necklaces that Erica and I made is that our chain is woven together, resulting in our necklaces being one solid piece… whereas the necklace you link to leaves the chains loose!  Thanks for sharing… I wasn’t familiar with MISS until you linked to them!

  4. Deryl Jenkins says 8.28.12

    Luv it!

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      thanks, Deryl!

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  6. Elizabeth says 8.28.12

    Will you just be my personal jewelry maker!?!? You are amazing!! I’ve got to go see Erica’s too! xoxo Elizabeth

    P.S. Swirl and The Now are hosting a  J. Crew Gift Card Giveaway make sure to enter!!

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Haha you are too sweet. Glad you liked it!

  7. Deana W. says 8.28.12

    This turned out so beautiful, I love it!

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Thanks, Deana!

  8. Fee_DP says 8.28.12

    Your little tip with that tape is amazing, I always find myself struggeling whenever I am using yarn! Thanks
    Fee xx

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      It really makes it so much easier!!!

  9. Erica & Lauren says 8.28.12

    can’t wait to have another DIY rendezvous with you again soon!! xoxo

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      ME TOO!!!

  10. Alyson says 8.28.12

    Absolutely love the final result and that last picture of you is so pretty. Your eyes are such a pretty hue of blue. 🙂 

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Aw, you are too sweet. xo

  11. Nice work lady! That last photo is so pretty : )

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Aw, thanks Erin! xo

  12. Emily Lunstroth says 8.28.12

    so so cute need to get on this asap! 

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      I hope you do it!! x

  13. tanya_caines says 8.28.12

    Love the necklace, you’re so beautiful too! wow x

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Aw, thank you!

  14. Fashion-isha says 8.29.12

    It’s gorgeous..I just pinned it! But it looks like a lot of work!

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      It’s a bit of work, but the end result is so worth it!!

  15. Sara B says 8.29.12

    So pretty! Both of you! Love it and thanks for the sources for your materials, I was surprised how much more affordable they were than I thought. Glad you had such a fun trip! xo

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Aw, thanks Sara! I know – the materials really weren’t too bad, cost-wise!

  16. inhonorofdesign says 8.29.12

    Completely fabulous! Great collab! That is a weekend that I need to try sometime -all DIY:D 

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Thanks, Anna! xoxo

  17. Chrissy says 8.29.12

    Absolutely love this! Such a great idea. xx


    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Thanks, Chrissy!

  18. you look GORGEOUS! love the necklace! 

    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12

      Aw, thanks Jordan! Heart you!

  19. Prettybluerose says 8.30.12

    I’m lovin your sweater! cute!


    1. graceatwood says 8.31.12


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  22. and-mary says 9.17.12

    it is so beautiful!! I would love to make one myself. 
    The problem is, that I don’t quite understand the description on the curb chains. 
    Which size did you use? Could you maybe send an exact link to those you used? Or do you now which chain size honestlywtf used? 
    Hope you’ll answer. 

    xoxo Marie

    1. graceatwood says 10.1.12

      Thank you! I used three different types of curb chain. I think the most important part is that you use three sizes… a small, medium, and large. We both linked to where to buy the chain in our posts… it’s from Meteliferous!

  23. barefoot duchess blog says 9.21.12

    amazing! you are so talented!! loved the photos =)

    1. graceatwood says 10.1.12

      Aw, so happy you liked it!

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  25. […] Via : Honestly WTF, Studs and Pearls, Honestly WTF, Stripes and Sequins, Stripes and Sequins, A girl a […]

  26. Willi says 1.28.13

    Love it and loves your friend’s necklace too!

  27. Willi says 1.28.13

    Love it and love your friend’s necklace too!

  28. cindy says 4.27.13

    I absolutely LOVE this! I assembled all my supplies last night and I’m anxious to get started.

  29. Clare says 5.2.13

    So I bought the .129 curb chain but it seems kinda small but it looked like that was the biggest kind on Meteliferous, but yours looks a lot thicker what kind did you use? also it seems redder then yours didn’t you use the brass one? please reply

  30. Susan says 7.10.13

    Just wondering how well the chain holds up – does it start to turn colors?

  31. […] Start by laying two pieces of curb chain side by side. Tie on 4 feet of embroidery floss into a double knot to the end of the left chain, leaving at least a foot of extra slack. Thread the floss through the top of the first link of the right chain. Thread the floss under the first link on the left side and through the top of the 2nd link on the right side. Continue this weaving pattern. I find it easy to hold the chains up together while threading the floss back and forth. Tie a knot at the end. Alight a third piece of chain against the 2 woven chains. I chose to add a smaller piece here. Using a different color flow, weave the floss around the first few links – again leaving about a foot of extra slack. Weave the chain into the necklace using the same technique. Continue weaving and tie a knot at the end. Now align the rhinestone chain along the necklace. Tie a knot onto the chain. Start wrapping the rhinestones onto the chain but going under the first joint of the rhinestone chain and over the top of the first curb chain link. Keep the necklace curved while attaching the rhinestone chain. This will prevent the necklace from buckling. Depending on the size of the rhinestone chain compared to the chain, a few links may have to be skipped in order to maintain the shape of the necklace. Tie a knot at the end. Cut several 2 feet strands of floss and thread them through the ends of the necklace. Tie a single knot. Repeat on the other side. Your necklace is now adjustable and finished!! Be sure to check out how Grace made a bolder version, using thick and coloful yarn, right this way! […]

  32. Cat says 7.23.13

    I loved this tutorial thank you so much for posting it!! I ordered the chains from metalliferous and the chains are nothing like the ones they show in the website, they are ridiculously small and the color is more copper than brass! Just thought I’d let you know so you could take it down before more people make the same mistake I did

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