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  1. sharon lei says 7.23.12

    Great DIY, hun! I love it! 🙂  and I’m a fan of mxing metals, too.

    xx Love & AlohaCome follow me…http://elisharon.blogspot.com

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Sharon! Mixing metals is the best!!

  2. Julie & Lauren says 7.23.12

    Love this- and agree with he mix of metals! Makes the look that much more complex and cool. Xo http://www.bornandbread.blogspot.com

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks ladies! And I totally agree… the combination of metals really elevates it! xx

  3. Alyson says 7.23.12

    This is great, and totally agree re: mixing metals. Think it would be so fun to mix up the colors of the leather. THis is a great beginning project. Thanks, Grace! 

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Alyson! I hope you try it. 🙂

  4. kuti says 7.23.12

    coool idea.. thx for sharing


    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      gladly, kuti! hope you try making it!

  5. I think AJ would be really good at making me one of these 🙂 

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      I think so too. Let’s buy him a craft kit.

  6. Elizabeth Schneider says 7.23.12

    I need a good resource in Chicago where I can pick up this chunky chain, such a great staple in DIY! Love this bracelet. 

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      It’s from MJ Trimming… you should order some!

  7. Sarah says 7.23.12

    Another great DIY tutorial! I agree, I love mixed metals. The ring I wear every day is woven silver and gold and it makes it so much easier to incorporate different types of jewelry (because I’m not concerned about matching all gold or all silver). 

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Sarah! Totally agree.

  8. diana @ collegiate chic says 7.23.12

    Add this to the long list of DIY projects I need to try.



    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Yay! Hope you make it, Diana!

  9. Gina says 7.23.12

    Beautiful colors together. Thank you for sharing and teaching!


    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Gina!!!

  10. bestofbklyn says 7.23.12

    You always have the best DIY ideas and tutorials, Grace! Love them! Thanks for sharing. 

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      So glad you think so Brookelyn! Hope you make it!

  11. K makeitandfakeit says 7.23.12

    This is a great tutorial Grace, love it! 🙂 

    Love K

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thank you Katrine!

  12. tanya_caines says 7.23.12

    Love the colours you used.

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks, Tanya!

  13. Sara Russell says 7.24.12

    Great idea!

    xo Sara

    1. graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Sara!

  14. Tara Soto says 7.24.12

    Love this idea, but where do you buy your supplies from?

    1. graceatwood says 7.25.12

      Hi Tara, I actually link to each of the products in the “Materials / Where to Buy” line after the second photo in the post. Hope that is helpful.

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  17. Allison says 4.27.13

    Thank you for the tutorial! I am new to DIY and am having difficulty with the weaving the rope. I wonder if it has something to do with the smaller chain I used. Did you have any troubles? It is not coming out as wonderful as yours!



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