DIY: Chunky Link Ball Chain Friendship Bracelets

As you know from this and this, I just can’t stop making friendship bracelets!  They look so good mixed + matched, piled high… adding the perfect, summery pop of color to whatever it is that you’re wearing.  Today’s bracelet is a bit more blingy than the others I’ve made so far… and if you’d like, you could make it the more conventional way (using a clasp + jump ring vs. string…) or even make a necklace!  There are so many ways to get creative with this project.  For extra credit, try it using resin or tortoise links.  I made three – in turquoise, orange, and light pink.


{Worn with my previous two bracelet DIY projects:  Chain Friendship Bracelets and Triple Ball Chain Bracelets}

Where to buy:

Chain (approx. 4 inches)  // Ball Chain  (approx. 10 inches) //  Embroidery Floss (about one skein) // Embroidery Needle // Sharp Scissors

1.  Begin by firmly (double) knotting your floss to your chain. // 2.  Add your ball chain to the chain, and slowly wrap the floss around both the chain and ball chain. // 3.  Continue to wrap – you’ll see a beautiful pattern emerging! // 4.  When you get to the end of the first link, pull the embroidery floss through the second link and continue wrapping.

5.  Continue to wrap.  // 6.  As you get to the end of the chain, just keep wrapping along… // 7.  Continue wrapping until you get to the place where you started.  Knot your floss to the first end.  // 8.  Trim your knots, and you are nearly done.

9.  Cut off three pieces of floss, about 36″ long, each.  Take them together, and fold in half.  Thread the loop through the first link of chain.  // 10.  Pull the ends through your loop.  // 11.  Pull tightly, and braid for 2-3 inches, depending on how long you want the bracelet to be.  // 12.  Repeat on the other side… you’re done!

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  1. Alyssa Hertzig says 6.4.12

    gorgeous! i love the way they look all stacked together. so pretty for summer!

  2. Supal says 6.4.12

    These are beautiful! 

  3. Julie & Lauren says 6.4.12

    Gorgeous as usual, Grace! I’m eyeing that chunky turquoise and gold one. Perfect for summer! X

  4. MissMarlboro says 6.4.12

    Great idea!! I’m definitely gonna do this 🙂

  5. Mad Max and Family says 6.4.12

    I LOVE these.  If only I had the time and patience to make them!


  6. The Curvy Girl says 6.4.12

    LOVE THIS!!!!

  7. The Curvy Girl says 6.4.12

    LOVE THIS!!!

  8. Viviana Carmona says 6.4.12

    These are so amazing!!!! Seriously, you need to open a shop.

  9. These are stunning!! Open a shop please??? X

  10. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 6.4.12

    Ok can you open up a shop now please! This one is my favorite of them all, so chic!

  11. ALyson -- TAGG says 6.4.12

    Love this! Ditto on opening a shop. Until then, just adoring what you’ve made. 

  12. Kristin & Megan says 6.4.12

    Now THAT’s an arm  party! Love the orange and pink!!

  13. Megan Zietz says 6.4.12

    these are so creative and cute Grace!

  14. Zoi says 6.4.12

    great colours i love it!

  15. Denise Atwood says 6.4.12

    Love these Grace!!

  16. Erica & Lauren says 6.4.12


  17. Mimigdesign says 6.4.12

    Where did you get the chunky chain? Can you provide the link please?

    1. graceatwood says 6.4.12

      Hi Mimi, There is a link in the “Where to Buy,” under the photo! It came from M&J Trim.

  18. ahhhhhh stop with the amazingess! i love the orange one so much!

  19. Sarah says 6.4.12

    I LOVE THIS! This may be my favorite bracelet DIY you have shown yet! So fun 🙂

  20. helenazurow says 6.4.12

    love this bracelet, my favorite one out of all you made 🙂 

  21. Alyssa says 6.4.12

    Great bracelet diy!

  22. Wow, cute! I love the two chain types together. 🙂

  23. taradear says 6.4.12

    LOVE LOVE LOVE GRACE! youre brilliant! im making these for sure 🙂


  24. Gaby says 6.4.12

    Gorgeous! love them!

  25. Alex Hubbard says 6.4.12

    Bah LOVE! I need some in every color 🙂

  26. Thelifeofclare says 6.4.12

    Oh love these!!!

  27. Melissa says 6.4.12

    Thanks for your sweet comment about my GG feature!  You should totally try those no-bake truffles sometime 🙂  These friendship bracelets are so fun… much cooler than those wimpy ones I made when I was little 😉

  28. designchic says 6.4.12

    So cute…love the turquoise!!

  29. Louisa says 6.4.12

    Love this diy! I will have to give this one a try as well!! 


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  31. Savanah Macaulay says 6.5.12

    I just love these!!  You just can’t stop rocking 🙂

  32. navy & orange says 6.6.12
  33. Kara Endres says 6.6.12

    OMG, that’s so great! I saw this on your instagram but didn’t realize they had the ball chain on it as well. Super cute!

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  35. Stephanielyncarter says 6.8.12

    Where do u buy the chunky chain from?

    1. graceatwood says 6.8.12

      Hi Stephanie, It’s in the post under “where to buy!” There is a link to MJ Trim, who sells it online!

  36. Amelia Amphonphong says 6.8.12

    Amazing DIY! I have got to try this out!

    — Amelia

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  38. Daniela says 6.9.12

    Loved this DIY! thanks for sharing 🙂

  39. Tisha Green says 6.11.12

    What a killer DIY! I LOVE friendshp braclets! Thanks so much for sharing =)

  40. Chippy Harris says 6.11.12

    Lov it, Gotta try it.

  41. Jovanafagot says 6.14.12

    Ho great.

  42. Cristina Cunha says 6.18.12

    Great work!

    1. graceatwood says 6.18.12

      Thank you, Cristina!

  43. Cristina Cunha says 6.18.12

    Great work!

  44. Çi?dem Y?ld?r?m says 6.21.12
    1. graceatwood says 6.21.12

      thanks so much! 🙂

  45. Leah says 6.22.12

    these are so nice!

    1. graceatwood says 6.24.12

      thank you Leah!!

  46. kilimci girl says 6.24.12
    1. graceatwood says 6.24.12

      yay! Please share a pic if you do!!

  47. Dizzydezz55 says 6.29.12

    So clever! What do you use to cut the chain with?

    1. graceatwood says 6.29.12

      Thanks! I used wire cutters. 🙂

  48. Pam says 7.2.12

    Silly question: What if you want a clasp of some sort? What do you recommend? Thanks!

    1. graceatwood says 7.2.12

      Hi Pam! In that case, I would attach the chain to a clasp (I’d use a large lobster clasp,) with a jump ring, and just tie your floss to the first link of the chain. No braiding. You’ll also have to use a little more chain so that it fits all the way around your wrist. Hope that helps.

  49. JulesFashionWeek says 7.7.12

    very pretty !!

    1. graceatwood says 7.8.12

      Thank you so much!

  50. Julia_W says 8.1.12

    I love these bracelets! But where did you bought the thick chain? I can´t find them in my local art supply store.

    1. graceatwood says 8.1.12

      Hi Julia, I link to the chain in the Where to Buy, just below the second photo. It is from M&J Trimming. They sell it online and it’s actually very affordable.

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  55. Stephanie says 12.11.12

    These are beautiful, thanks so much! Can’t wait to try them! Do you have a tutorial for the the 1st and 4th bracelets in the last photo of this blog? Thanks, Steph

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  57. lindsey says 3.27.13

    love this. are these possible to make without the ball chain?

  58. nancy says 5.31.13

    what is the style# of the chain from M and J? or can you tell me how many millimeters and the product description? thanks! these are GREAT!

  59. DOLORES DAME says 6.24.14


  60. Moonstone Mary says 7.17.15

    Nice idea. I have some chunky chain printed with funky prints that are a bit too much. I think wrapping them will help them go from tacky to adorable. I’m a jewelry maker so will add clasps with jumprings.

  61. Dawn Ockomon says 2.24.16

    What a lovely friendship bracelet!

  62. Bernice Peace says 8.27.16

    I love it

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