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  1. madhatter says 5.8.12

    Wow her work looks amazing! Your sister’s  blog looks great too!

    I love the phone case, might make a sneaky purchase soon…..

    a peak at my blog<3?


    ?Project Rattlebag



  2. Thenowstylebook says 5.8.12

    Wow that first one is gorgeous!!!! What a talented lady!! xo Elizabeth

  3. Alexa says 5.8.12

    Oh goodness the colors here are amazing! 🙂

  4. Bettina says 5.8.12

    Love this spotlight, I recently got one of her iphone cases from society 6 and absolutely love it! Everyone is always asking where it is from! 

  5. Piia P. says 5.8.12

     Thanks for sharing Amy’s work!Very beautiful!

  6. This is amazing! I love the colors in the first picture and the iPhone! Great work!

  7. Vinaya says 5.8.12

    I love her work. I have: The Tropics, Flora, Future Floral, Tropical Floral, Floral Explosion, Jungle Floral, Fleur, & Rainbow Spot as framed art prints.

  8. PurplesPrettier says 5.8.12

    That iPhone case is DIVING!  So much better than my AT&T store basic…

  9. PurplesPrettier says 5.8.12

    And by DIVING I meant DIVINE!!  Ugh long day…

    1. graceatwood says 5.8.12

      haha! You are adorable – I knew what you meant. 🙂

  10. Caroline J Burrows says 5.9.12

    Go Amy!!!!!!

  11. Putter says 5.9.12

    I need that iPhone case in my life for summer.  Now my 10 month old daughter will NEVER give me back my phone. Those colors are amazing. Beautiful work! I’m a little scarf happy too…

  12. Brooke Shemwell says 5.9.12

    Great feature – love learning about new artists and their processes to a finished product.

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