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  1. Elle @ Chellbellz says 3.11.12

    I think i’d tape them off first, but these are super cute!

  2. Fashion By Alicia says 3.12.12

     These are super cute!!

  3. Tamra {ever swoon} says 3.12.12

    Too cute!!  And you have a steady hand for sure, i would probably have to tape around some of the areas to make sure I didn’t paint in the wrong spot.  Looks great Grace!

  4. Natasha Fatah says 3.12.12

    I love your DIY too my dear!

  5. Tierney Elizabeth says 3.12.12

    Cuteeeee.  You can totally go in so many directions from this–like doing leopard print or nautical stripes.  🙂

  6. Mary says 3.28.12

    Isn’t that a water based paint? Do you need to spray on a protective layer to prevent the colors from washing away?, btw a very classy and money saving idea! I love it!

    1. graceatwood says 3.28.12

      Hi Mary, It’s not a water based paint… it’s acrylic. It won’t wash away…. but it can’t hurt to spray on a little something extra to protect your shoes. I’m a big fan of spray varnish, which you can buy at most craft stores!

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