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  1. penster47j says 2.10.14

    If you had used black beading thread, you wouldn’t have the threads showing at the ends of the tassels, that doesn’t look very nice. An easier way to do it would be to string the number of beads you want to make your tassel the right length, then skipping the last bead, pass the needle back thru the next beads clear to the top of the tassel, then tie your knot. Do this on each tassel and you will have much better looking earrings.

    1. Sandy Dunphy says 7.13.14

      You could take that suggestion one step further and use thread which is the same color as the beads (or as close as possible. I agree the white thread with the blue beads looks tacky and amateurish.

  2. christine says 2.10.15

    I forgot all about these type of earrings.
    Thank you for bringing them back!!

  3. Kanthi says 7.10.15

    Splendid idea! Looks elegant too! I must try it.

  4. farideh says 11.4.15

    Hi thanks your beaded work is wonderful . I need beaded butterflis and beaded flowers pattern please send me these pattern in my email address thank you

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