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  1. Dani Apple says 3.30.12

     you can get gold/silver/copper leaf at any craft store ore art supply store.

    1. Ann says 6.5.13

      You can buy Aurum & Argentum co gold leaf for nails online. It’s 24k gold.

  2. ceeyracatastrophe says 5.28.12

    This is beautiful. Thank you for this, I’m going to use it in a photo shoot as part of my coursework next week!

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  4. Ana says 1.5.13

    DO WANT :O .

  5. Mona says 3.13.13

    Great idea. Thumbs up! I can’t really believe that it will be as easy as it looks like. I think I have to try this.

  6. Julia says 5.30.13

    Do you think you could use foil?

  7. Ramya @ Beauty Blog says 6.13.13

    Wow so lovely…

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  9. Love the look! How is the removal process?

  10. This is so awesome!!!

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