st. tropez

The Most Magical Self-Tanning Mist!

The Most Magical Self-Tanning Mist! Just a little Friday beauty post… have you tried St. Tropez’s Bronzing Water? I have to admit, I was skeptical / this sounded like a weird product I didn’t need. But then TIBAL raved about...
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My Favorite Self Tanners.

Memorial Day Weekend is just a few days away and summer is definitely here (although I’m not sure what happened yesterday with that rain storm in New York!). Presently, I’m enjoying (?) 105 degree weather in Palm Springs and so...
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Hamptons Essentials

This summer has certainly been a busy one.  It feels, at times, just a bit too scheduled for my liking.  I’m meeting up with friends that I’ve been trying to see since April, constantly running from work to this event...
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