On Comfort Zones….

So before we even dive into today’s post I AM SO, SO SORRY ABOUT MY PANTS. Ugh. I love these photos so much and this would be one of my favorite outfit posts ever but. my. pants. I swear to...
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Easy Does It.

Happy Monday! As I write this I am sitting by the pool at my hotel with a strawberry daiquiri in Koh Samui. But as you read this I am at the airport, prepared for a lonnnnng trip home. I fly...
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Everyday Favs.

This outfit is so very “me.” Jeans, a striped tee, my trusty military jacket… and fun accessories. I am so in love with my Susan Alexandra Bag – I bought it back in February for my trip to Cartagena but it didn’t...
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The Best Work Bags.

One of the questions I get asked most is for recommendations for bags for the work. And a good work bag can be hard to find! I like a bag that’s big enough to stash gym clothes if need be;...
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Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas.

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving?! It still feels like the start of summer was just yesterday, but suddenly I’ve pulled out my puffer jacket and Thanksgiving pie recipes. Oof! I work next to a Reformation (dangerous, I know), and...
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Kelly’s Chic Under $100: November Wishlist.

Hi guys! Kelly here… Just popping in to share a few of my favorite wish list items for this month! Beauty-wise, I’m lately really focused on my hair. After reading about Grace’s hair journey, and having had a few months of very,...
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