I was not allowed to pierce my ears until the fourth grade.  My dad was extremely against it.  After begging and pleading, my parents finally gave in, and so off we went, to the Cape Cod Mall, to the Piercing Pagoda.  My best friend got hers done too.  Upon getting them pierced, I promptly passed out.  There is a photo of the day, of my best friend and I, which still exists.  I ghastly white.  Besides a brief phase in college where I had my belly button pierced, I never felt the need to get any more piercings.

Fast forward twenty years later and somehow I’ve developed an ear piercing addiction.  It started over brunch this past Spring with Alicia.  She was going to get a third hole, and asked if I’d come along for support.  I saw the tiny diamond she was getting and wanted my own.  Then for our birthday (we share the same day) she got her cartilage pierced and I added two more piercings to my left ear.  I now have five holes total (three in one ear and two in the other) and don’t feel done.  This is dangerous.

I just love the look of pretty, tiny studs + little baby hoops… and lots of them.  At BaubleBar, I shop the kids section.  (Love these and these.)  Other favorites include these little letters, these Catbird letters, and these tiny bars from Dana Rebecca.  And I really want these safety pin earrings from Genevieve Jones, especially as they are 25% off right now.  The pin actually goes through your ear and looks really cool.


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  1. Chelsea says 10.17.13

    I LOVE this inspiration image. I pieced my own ears in middle school and wound up with five holes in each ear! I just love the look of ear bling.

    Chelsea & The City

  2. lol I am right there with ya. I got my first holes when I was 4… freaked out and didn’t do it again until I was 18 and promptly got my 2nd holes in each ear shortly followed by my cartilage. Now I have three tiny ones in my forward helix and a tiny rose gold hoop in my left something or other 😉

    Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache

  3. ppfgirl says 10.17.13

    My parents had a rule that my sister & I had to wait until we were 13 to get ours pierced and for the first 3 years, we couldn’t wear earrings that were bigger than a nickel! I used to have double holes in each year, but let them close about a year ago – now you have me wanting to re-pierce them #enabler 🙂

  4. Jackie {York Avenue} says 10.17.13

    I am SO happy you posted these sources for tiny earrings! I don’t have my lobes pierced, but I have three holes (2 on one ear, 1 on the other), and they’re all cartilage piercings. I got them done a million years ago, and I’ve never changed the earrings from what they were originally pierced with, because I had no clue where to find tiny earrings. I’m so over the hoops I have in, and I LOVE the Catbird letter earrings and the safety pin. I wonder if I should get my initials – J, A, and C…or would that be weird? Either way, I am so excited to get new ones now! Thank you!!

  5. Lauren says 10.17.13

    why do i now feel like i need more holes in my ears? this really is a slippery slope but at least it isnt a permanent as a tattoo!

  6. thenowstylebook says 10.17.13

    I love love love this! I will have little safety pin earrings that I use for my double piercing, but my husband just makes fun of me. He doesn’t know anything. xoxo

  7. michelle says 10.17.13

    i have 6 ear piercings. doubles and then two cartilage on one ear. i also have my nose pierced as well. i had all my ears done before i was 13. but i almost never wear earrings since i can’t find any small enough. 6 piercings on kid size ears looks quite funny.

  8. kat says 10.17.13

    I had doubles in both and cartilage in one, but am back down to just onesies. I always considered getting them repierced (for doubles or triples) so this is a very very dangerous post! Hahaha. And yes, still a little rebellious but not a tattoo. 🙂

  9. Katie @ Katie's Bliss says 10.17.13

    I’m too scared to get anymore holes than the singles in each ear I already have – I love yours though! You definitely wear multiple piercings in such a tasteful way!


  10. Girl Dans la Cite says 10.17.13

    I’ve been yearning for more ear piercings and this post did NOT help that! I love the look of my doubles but want badly to go further up.

    I have my nose pierced, and my parents HATE it. But it’s such a part of me now that I can’t fathom getting rid of it.

  11. Jamie says 10.17.13

    I have 6 piercings 4 in my left and 2 in my right I would love to get 2 more cartlige piercings in different places but I’m not sure I would be able to take the pain…

  12. melanie says 10.17.13

    Yep – it’s definitely something that is coming back into fashion and is such an easy way to add extra coolness to your persona! I currently have 9 piercings (3 in one ear and 6 in one ear!) double holes, tragus, one upper cartilage and on the cartilage just above the ear) You’ve probably seen that photo of the 3 piercings of studs and the sizes of studs increase the further you go up the ear? Before seeing this post I was actually contemplating getting another piercing this weekend! Do you know where the earrings in the picture are from? Thanks for my inspiration friday!

  13. Amber Hunter says 10.17.13

    I’m obsessed with dainty ear piercings and while I have one cartilage piercing I really would love more! It’s been difficult convincing my mom. Oh well, only one more year until college 😉
    Lovely Notions

  14. Rachel says 10.17.13

    I have 2 in each ear but I want another! My second hole is so close to my first so I have to wear tiny studs

  15. Cathleen says 10.17.13

    The second time I got my ears pierced (the first round I had to let them grow back, because my long hair kept getting caught and tearing my ear) I screamed so loud before the doctor even touched my ear! I survived and got them done, but never again! You are brace! They look good.

  16. A friend opened a second hole for me in high school, and I have loved it ever since.I’ve been thinking of getting more done, love the look!

  17. I love my piercings! I only have two holes on each ear plus my cartilage and tragis. The tragis hurt so bad I’m afraid to get anything else! I love dainty gold earrings but find they tarnish so easily. Do you have any recommendations for brands that stay shiny for years?


  18. Jennifer says 5.3.14

    Where did you get these? I’ve been searching so long for pretty, dainty cartilage earrings like these. Love them!

    • Grace Atwood says 5.4.14

      These aren’t my ears… I merely posted the photos as inspiration. I linked to a few sites that sell similar stuff but in New York I love Venus by Maria Tash – and also NY Adorned. 🙂

  19. Tesi Wheeler says 9.6.14

    I’m DYING over this! Where did you get the outer earrings/ear cuffs? I couldn’t find them with the links provided.