Drunk Elephant.


When it comes to my skincare routine, I am very fussy. It needs to be 100% natural and non-toxic, and it needs to work. For that reason, I am a die-hard Tata Harper fan… but we’ve already been over that. I have tried 1,000,001 other products and with a few exceptions (Om Aroma & Co.) most brands fall short.

Recently, I learned about a new to Sephora brand, Drunk Elephant and I was intrigued. Okay, I was initially intrigued because of the name and the pretty packaging… but when I found out the brand was all natural and non-toxic, I needed to learn more ASAP.

While the name is a surefire attention grabber, it’s rooted in mythology. (Huuuge mythology fan over here, in case you were curious.) The name Drunk Elephant came from the myth that says elephants love to eat the fruit from the Marula trees. Once eaten, fermentation occurs inside their (huge) stomachs, and the elephants become drunk. Virgin Marula oil is found throughout the entire Drunk Elephant line. The founder, Tiffany Masterson, believes this oil to be superior to any of the others due to its high content of fatty acids and antioxidants… and fast absorption rate.

PS – if you want more natural beauty, be sure to check out The Stripe Shop – I updated it last night to reflect my current beauty routine!


The sunscreen is kind of a dream product. I hadn’t found a sunscreen that I like yet that manages to be non-toxic/all natural, but this is a good one. It works just as well as chemical sunscreens but manages to be broad-spectrum (and loaded with antioxidants to fend off free radicals. As an added benefit, it leaves behind a glowing iridescent finish… because let’s be honest… as much as we want to protect our skin, we also want to look good. With no dyes or fragrances (of any kind) it’s also great for sensitive skin (hand raised.)


Next up are the two cleansing bars. I’ve never been a bar soap girl but I’ve tried both of these and really love them both.

There’s the JuJu Bar (right), which is a mild bar that cleanses, exfoliates, and heals skin. It contains thermal mud and bamboo paowder which lather up to dissolve oil and rinse away impurities.  Over time, it actually minimizes pores. There are some impressive stats behind the bar… n a 6-week self-assessment on 40 men and women who used product once daily — 95% saw clearer skin, 92% saw more moisturized skin, 89% saw fewer breakouts, 96% saw smaller pores, and 98% saw less redness.

The second bar is the PeKee Bar, which clarifies, tones, and moisturizes without stripping skin. While both bars are great for sensitive skin, this is the one you want if you have ultra sensitive skin like I do. It contains a powerful blend of blueberry extract, marula oil, and honey and helps skin to retain moisture, elasticity, and firmness… while calming the skin.


I thought we’d end on my personal favorites from the collection…

First, the night serum. Oh my goodness. This stuff really works. If you try one product from the line, this should be it. My skin has been a little rough lately, thanks to cold temperatures and my forgetfulness with exfoliating. I applied a thin layer of this after cleansing (with the JuJu Bar) and followed it with the Marula Oil and woke up with soft, glowing skin. It contains 10% glycolic acid which helps to refine and resurface… dissolving dead skins and helping with collagen production. With continued use, it gradually improves fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. But the best part is that (unlike a lot of other glycolic acid serums I’ve tried), it is completely non-irritating.

Next, the Marula Oil. This is one of the very best face oils I’ve tried. It hydrates and leaves your skin super glowy… but it sinks right in and will not leave your skin the least bit greasy. It’s appropriate for all skin types (yes, you read that correctly… oily skin, too!)

So there you have it. I’m still die-hard Tata, but I’m working this line into my routine. I’d love to know if you have adopted a natural skincare routine (if so – what are your fave brands? Always looking for new recommendations… and it’s fun to get the conversation started!)

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  1. Heidi says 1.20.15

    Oh thanks for this review! I’ve been trying to find more reviews on that sunscreen because as a ginger, I’m all about the sunscreen. Definitely will be purchasing that sooner rather than later.

  2. TEDDI says 1.20.15

    Loving the new site, Grace!

    • graceatwood says 1.20.15

      thank you, Teddi! XO

  3. So happy to see these reviews! My skin could use some help, what with the dryness and redness that comes from with the cold air. I’ve always wanted to try Tata Harper but it’s too expensive for me, so I’m really happy to see some more affordable natural beauty options. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m going to try the sunscreen and the night serum. Thanks Grace!

    • graceatwood says 1.20.15

      aw yay – I hope you love… I’m hooked!

  4. Alexandra says 1.20.15

    Such pretty packaging! I’m trying to use more makeup/skin products as I never have worn makeup or anything on my face – and my skin has always been blemish free with just a bit of circles under my eyes and redness/blushing. Even with high end products from clinque and chanel I’ve started to see blemishes appear – and I’m using a lancome makeup remover. I’m curious to try a product as natural as this for my skin!

    Warm Regards,

  5. Eden says 1.20.15

    Nice review, I haven’t heard of this brand before but they sound great!


  6. alyson says 1.20.15

    Intrigued by that night serum! You sound so official girl, and anything to make all that good stuff happen to my nearly 35-year old skin is a big win for me.


    • graceatwood says 1.20.15

      I don’t know about official… but thanks, friend! x

  7. 1) Have we talked about our mutual love for mythology? I have SO many book recommendations for you!

    2) Purchasing that sunscreen NOW. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one.

    3) BASQ makes the most amazing exfoliating cleanser – and it’s all natural to boot! It gets off all my makeup, leaves my skin feeling so smooth, and has drastically reduced the blackheads on my nose. Highly recommend!

    4) Love you.

    • graceatwood says 1.20.15

      1. No we have not. Need to get on that!
      2. YES. Hope you love!
      3. How have I never heard of BASQ? Must try.
      4. Back atcha. Hope I see you on Thurs!

      • I’m feeling really good. Also, my favorite Italian restaurant is close to your venue. Getting in some Grace time AND pasta? Double win.

  8. Victoria McGinley says 1.20.15

    Obviously I need to get on this, stat.

    • graceatwood says 1.20.15

      Yes. You will LOVE!

  9. Cute name! I’ll have to check out those products.

  10. kate says 1.20.15

    think i’ll be trying that juju bar! i could use those stats in my life…

  11. Alyssa says 1.20.15

    I l-o-v-e Drunk Elephant. Their oil is a game changer for sure!

  12. Amelia says 1.20.15

    I haven’t heard of Drunk Elephant before, but the name alone is enough to make me want to check it out! The serum sounds amazing…must try! Thanks for the rec 🙂

  13. Lindsay Ava says 1.20.15

    Such an interesting skincare line! The name and story are brilliant 🙂 Now for a sephora to open in Austria…

  14. Rachel says 1.20.15

    I’ve heard great things about these products – the facial oil sounds AMAZING!

  15. Jamie says 1.20.15

    I’ve heard of Drunk Elephant before but personally have never tried it. I’m recently into Vain Pursuits moisturizers. Customized skincare because my skin can never keep it straight 🙂

    Hello There, Lady!

  16. zalona says 1.21.15

    Love your blog! 🙂 This post is very inspiring, keep up the great work! I’m a fan. 🙂


  17. Rose says 1.22.15

    I’ve seen their stuff at Whole Beauty before but never picked it up…going to have to try out that sunscreen!! I like Herbivore botanicals and sing the praises of Marble & Milkweed—she’s local, natural and small-batch, also very affordable 🙂 I love her cardamom lip balm and face serums.

  18. Jill Donahoo says 1.23.15

    This sounds fabulous! I’m dying to get a sample to try so I won’t have to hear any more that my samples never get used! LOL Straight Men! 🙂

  19. Melissa Donahoo says 1.23.15

    Now I’m a very loyal Kiehl’s lover and have been for years. Sadly, after reading this article on this Miraculous new Drunk Elephant line you’re carrying, my mind is made up and I’ll be gone by 9:30 a.m. to cheat on my beloved Kiehl’s probably forever! LOL I can’;t wait to get it and try it!!!!!!

  20. Barbie H. says 5.23.15

    Love reading your comments. I’m a RN & love to research more natural/holistic products. It’s amazing how brainwashed we have become…. Myself included. Anyway, never too late to make changes!
    I love the JuJu bar. It’s the only
    DE product I’ve tried but plan on expanding :-).
    I do use Young Living Essential Oils.
    After extensive research….which is on going….I’ve found them to have the most pure quality. They have a
    “Seed to Seal” program. Anyway sorry to sound like a commercial!
    Look forward to more info from you!

  21. Gabrielle says 8.10.15

    Hey There! I’ve been really wanting to buy Drunk Elephant products ever since I heard about its wonderful effects and benefits on the skin. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find any of these items in the Philippines. I’m just wondering if there’s any of these products available in the Philippines, specifically in Manila? I’d love to hear from you..

    Thanks! 🙂

  22. Julie Reinhart says 11.12.15

    i have purchased all of the drunk elephant products and love all of them with the exception of the sunscreen, I use a website called Paulaschoice which test products for effectiveness and claims. Take a look at the reviews for the TaTa Harper products. They get low reviews across the board. I trust this website in debunking many of the expensive brands. Just thought you might want to see what you are buying: http://www.paulaschoice.com/beautypedia-skin-care-reviews?N=4294966879+4294961559&Nr=AND%28Site%3Abeautypedia%2CLocale%3Aen_US%29&Ns=Rating%7C1

    • graceatwood says 11.12.15

      Thank you for sharing! I have an app called Think Dirty and saw the same thing with Tata. I’m confused and am going to reach out to the brand! xx

  23. Jazm says 10.30.16

    Not all natural or safe ingredients but better than what’s out there because they seems to also work.