Artist Q&A: Makiko Harris.

Makiko Harris is an abstract painter and mixed media artist from San Francisco, CA and currently lives and works in London, UK where she is a master’s candidate in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art.

Where are you from?

I’m half Japanese and spent most of my life growing up in the California Bay Area, and have lived in Tokyo, New York, and Boston too! I am currently living and working between San Francisco and London, UK. 

How did you get your start as an artist?

 I have been making art for as long as I can remember. When I was around 4, my parents would take me to the children’s museum in Boston, where kids were allowed to paint on the walls. We lived nearby and we would go all the time. I absolutely loved that place. 

What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I am super inspired by other creative arenas like fashion, architecture, typography, interior design, even how a beautiful plate of food is presented at a thoughtfully designed restaurant…you name it. I also am inspired by novelty and newness, so travel is a key inspiration for me. My favorite way to spend a day is exploring a new neighborhood or city through its most beautiful architecture, eateries, galleries, and bookstores. I’m a sucker for gorgeous coffee table books.

What is something that is important to you?

Liberty and agency are so important to me. Having not only the freedom but also the power to choose how to spend your time and how to live your life, I think, is the greatest gift.

Something others might not know about you?

I am currently exploring aspects of my art practice that feel like new territory. I’ll always be a painter, but I am envisioning more sculpture and installation work in the future. The work mines deeply into themes of ancestral memory and how working with material can connect us across generations. It feels vulnerable to be in a space of being a complete newbie again, but I know this is the path of a growing artist. I can’t wait to share when I feel ready! 

Want more of Makiko? Follow her on Instagram, check out her website, and view her available works at Liz’s gallery!

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  1. Sarah Murphy:

    I worked with Makiko at Gap, Inc. years ago and was surprised to see a familiar face in your IG stories. She was an amazing contributor then and it’s so exciting to see how well she’s doing now! What a beautiful story… Thanks for sharing!

    7.29.22 Reply
  2. Shana:

    I’ve really enjoyed this series and then going back to look at the pieces you selected from each artist, inspirational!

    7.29.22 Reply
  3. Chelsea:

    I purchased one of her pieces last year — love seeing her featured!

    7.29.22 Reply