Amazon Nightgown Review… {Best Purchase Of Summer!}

Grace in her nightgown at the beach

In lieu of a real outfit diary (my usual Monday column), we’re going to talk about the Amazon Nightgown as that’s pretty much all I wore while I was on Cape Cod. This is one of my fav pieces of clothing for summer, it’s only $30, and I have a whole highlights section on my Instagram. (I’m also personally determined to get #amazonnightgown to trend!)

Amazon Nightgown Review

First thing first: Let’s give credit where credit is due. I discovered this dress via Hitha, who found it via The Buy Guide. Months and months ago she linked to it in her #5SmartReads Newsletter (which I highly recommend signing up for, besides all of the great Internet things she also tracks down amazing shopping discoveries which are always well priced and at least somewhat practical). A few months later and it is one of my most cherished possessions. It’s comfy, cute, lightweight, and… THIRTY DOLLARS (give or take!) It’s also one of my top-selling products… in July + August (so far, ten days in), more than 500 of you have bought it!

I’m going to answer all of the most frequently asked questions in today’s post… but if you still have questions, definitely leave a comment below and I’ll update the post/respond to your comment.

PS – If you are still nervous about buying clothes on Amazon, check out my tips for buying clothes on Amazon. There are a lot of sketchy products on Amazon, this is not one of them!

Amazon Nightgown FAQ’s

Is the Amazon Nightgown actually a nightgown?

No. Sorry about that. There’s been a bit of confusion and it’s because I have a strange sense of humor (and also this reminds me a lot of Busy Philipps’ Mr. Nightgown. I call it a nightgown because it looks like one. I mean maybe it could be? It’s a dress, a caftan, a swimsuit cover-up. It’s a movement. An internet sensation! But no, it’s not actually a nightgown. (Though I won’t judge if you want to sleep in it, it’s super comfy!)

How is sizing?

It definitely runs a bit small. Generally speaking at least! I have the colors “pink” (that’s the pink and purple one below) and “light pink” (up top). Pink is pretty tight in the chest. I’m always pulling it down to get it over my boobs but I don’t really care – it’s still cute. Light pink is a little big and I have to tie both bows or risk flashing the world.

My advice is to order two sizes – your regular size, and a size bigger. If you are particularly busty, go up a size for sure. Amazon Prime’s return system makes it so easy; yes it’s a pain, but for a very cute $30 dress, I think it’s worth it! I have heard from a few Instagram friends that you should actually go up two sizes if you have a larger chest.

But as a medium-sized person with medium-sized boobs, I was fine wearing a medium. (I’m usually a small or medium in dresses.)

Amazon Nightgown takes Grace around the city in comfort

How long does it take to come?

This also depends on the color. Definitely check out each individual color. Some colors are back-ordered. I ordered “red” and “blue” (LOL at these color names, they could have been so much more creative!) on July 19th and am still waiting for them. (I’ve been promised an 8/21 delivery date.) As summer is coming to an end, make sure to pick a color that’s readily available. Luckily, Amazon is pretty good. It notes the anticipated delivery date for each color once you’ve selected a size. Shipping is very very fast (just a couple of days) if you select a color that is in stock.

What do you wear underneath it?

So I am of medium bustiness… not flat chested but not particularly well endowed and also not afraid to show a little cleavage? I do quite well with a cute lace bralette. I LOVE the Anine Bing lace bralettes for that reason – they’re perfect and easy and comfortable and if they show a little, it’s a nice little flash of lace. For a little more coverage, Hitha highly recommends these!

Grace and her mom in the amazon outfit

How to style the Amazon Nightgown!

Honestly, anything goes! Working from home? Wear it with the Amazon Slippers (should we get those to trend too?). Sneakers are cute! I love it with my beloved gold Birkenstocks for what my father coined, a “Mamas and the Papas vibe” (Totally into that!)

Or pair it with heels and the Amazon Pearl Earrings (lol, these are my latest Amazon obsession… more to come on these but I guess I’m just adding a capital “Amazon” to all my favs). I’m linking a few other bloggers’ posts below but definitely check out the Amazon Nightgown highlight on my Instagram page!

Can you nurse in it?

A lot of people asked me this and honestly, I don’t know. I have no experience here and don’t know anyone with it who have tried. It is pretty tight in the bust. BUT if you size up it could be possible!? I would love for any mamas who read here to weigh in and I’ll absolutely update the post with your advice.

The nightgown has made its way around the blogosphere. Here are how four of my friends + fav influencers styled it!

Friends are loving this too, in their own Amazon Nightgown Review

Hitha rocking it in all its glory. We are clearly birds of a feather as I have those amazing slippers too but in pink. If we’re going to keep score, she found the nightgown and I found the slippers!

Blair gives us a Amazon Nightgown Review

Amazon nightgown… but make it fashion. OF course, Blair manages to make this $30 dress look like high fashion!

Jess in Amazon Nightgown Review

Jess Keys has been another big proponent of the nightgown. She has a whole post about it too!

Amazon Nightgown Review

And last but certainly not least is Anna Jane Wisniewski! How cute is she in hers!?

I could not love this thing more. Best $30 purchase ever!

Also, a reminder: if you buy the nightgown and rock it, post it to Instagram and tag me (+ use hashtag #amazonnightgown!) I love reposting my favs!!!!

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  1. I was so confused at first because you mentioned nightgown, haha! What an interesting concept! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Emily says 8.12.19

    Growing up, my style was very boho and I was always in dresses like this! Not sure when I transitioned to other styles, but this has me curious to see what this would look like on. I especially like the dress in the last photo so I took the plunge and we’ll see! I have such a hard time navigating all the product on amazon that I’m sure I don’t take as much advantage as I should of great deals, so thanks for sharing!

  3. I have been influenced! I just purchased the blue one…can’t wait to try it out!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  4. Mo says 8.12.19

    Has anyone petite tried this? I’m only 5’0 tall and wondering if it’d be ridiculous.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      Not petite but just saying I think it will be really cute – more like a maxi! Cathy who just commented above is very petite!)

    • cy says 8.12.19

      The slippers are a movement! I love them. I have pink and I ordered another pair in black for my sister. I wanted to try the green, but I guess they don’t make that color anymore. They wash well too! 38 G here so I’m trying the XXL in the Amazon nightgown and hoping for the best. It only comes in one color way , but they are all pretty. Wish me luck! 🙂

  5. Emma Finlayson says 8.12.19

    I wouldn’t recommend this for nursing if you have larger breasts. A small chested lady could possibly make it work. The bust is so tight in most sizes that it might be super frustrating to maneuver in

    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      Thank you for chiming in!!!! I had no idea how to respond; but I had a feeling that would be the case if you went up several sizes. I couldn’t imagine pulling my boob out of mine (lol at this visual).

    • Abby G says 8.12.19

      Mine came in the mail yesterday and it totally lives up to the hype! It’s so comfortable and flattering!

      I also agree that it’s slightly small in the chest. I have small boobs (32B/34A) and typically wear size 4/small. The small fit me well, but would recommend sizing up if you’re C cup and above. I wouldn’t recommend it for nursing with smaller breasts either. I don’t think I could make it work comfortably.

    • Emily Chapman says 8.16.19

      5’10”, normally about a size 8 or 10. I was gifted the large in purple for my birthday from my bff. Medium bust- It’s a little snug, but can confirm I’m doing ok nursing! Working very well on my summer trip to Maine. Good luck to the nursing mamas out there packing for trips. Xx

  6. Erica says 8.12.19

    I finally caved and bought the purple last week! I was so excited for it to arrive and then disappointed when the shipment was delayed. The dress made it to my local Amazon warehouse, but then my order was cancelled because the package was damaged in transit. Oh the horrors! I immediately ordered my second choice and it should arrive tomorrow. So glad you made the hashtag happen. I needed a place to see them all when I was deciding on my color!

  7. Sarah says 8.12.19

    Would definitely agree that if you are bustier go up two sizes! 🙂

  8. Grace says 8.12.19

    I have blue and pink and I’m obsessed! Saw another girl wearing one at Trader Joe’s last week…it’s a movement!

  9. Marisa Benoit says 8.12.19

    For those looking for sizing feedback- I have both the pink/purple and green/purple in XL (5’10” / size 10 and I’m 5 months pregnant) and they fit completely differently – the pink/purple is very roomy in the bust (I am a 36C at the moment) and the green/purple is more fitted (which I prefer, as there’s no risk of bra popping out). However I will echo Grace’s rec to just order two sizes and return one. I will also say that if I was my normal non-pregnant size I would probably go for L instead. Hope this helps other tall or pregnant Amazon Nightgown lovers out there! 🙂


    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      Thanks so much for sharing your feedback!!! The fit really is all over the place. I think it’s worth it as the dress is so cute and a great price and returns are pretty easy!!!

  10. NightieNot says 8.12.19

    So disappointed in this! I always wear an XL and couldn’t remotely fit it over my boobs.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      So sorry to hear that! Try the XXL!!!! As I mentioned above it definitely is cut tight in the chest.

  11. Leah Grace says 8.12.19

    I bought a regular size and a bigger size to test. My regular size small, can’t definitely nurse in it. Will check back when I receive the medium! Love it though!

  12. dana says 8.12.19

    I cannot believe how much this dress BLEW UP hahah it’s like the Amazon jacket all over again!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit

  13. Megan says 8.12.19

    I’m curious about the version with shorter sleeves from this “brand” on Amazon –

    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      Oh that’s very cute!!!

    • Jen says 8.16.19

      It reminds if this Dolma super light Indian cotton dress that I have and want to deconstruct and make 10 more! Mine is sleeveless (not tank) & buttons down the front with 2 tiers of contrasting print.
      I think I need to order of few of these too, my new work staples

  14. Katerina Pietri says 8.12.19

    Love, love my Amazon dress!! It’s just so comfortable! I have the pink & purple and blue & purple. My mom saw me in it and made me oder a 3 for her (and 1 more for me…) Really wanted the peacock one but they don’t deliver that one (plus the reds) to PR, weird.

  15. LP says 8.12.19

    Confirmed that you cannot nurse in this dress — it’s just too tight in the chest to open it up.

  16. Emily says 8.12.19

    This dress is absolutely my kind of style and have loved seeing how you wear it. I just got the pink/purple and red in different sizes to try!

  17. CD says 8.12.19

    I ordered the Blue one a couple of weeks ago after seeing it on here and LOVE IT! I love the peacock pattern on it – so cute! BRB off to order a few more in other colors…

  18. Jennifer Howard says 8.12.19

    This is the perfect travel dress – have worn it on a few longer flights, including one overnight, so I guess it really is the nightgown dress for me!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      You’re so right! I wore it on my way home from Toronto and was so cozy. And on the bus back from Sag Harbor too now that I think about it! XO

  19. Betsy says 8.12.19

    Ordered a second one today – can’t wait! It’s a bajillion degrees here today and I can’t wear the same Amazon nightgown every day!

  20. Susan says 8.12.19

    Has one washed this yet? Wondering if it shrinks at all? Also, I’m nursing and found that I had to size up because my boob size is highly variable right now, but the nightgown felt a bit big shoulder and arm wise sizing up.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.12.19

      Hey – I haven’t! But when I do I will follow the directions on the site (Hand Wash Cold Recommended. Do not tumble dry). Wouldn’t recommend putting this one in the washing machine!

  21. Cara says 8.13.19

    This is the most amazing purchase! As a nursing momma, I can say I can nurse in it. It is amazing and my toddler always wants me to wear it since it is her favorite dress. The only downside is my 9 month old baby is obsessed with the tassels, pulling them and chewing on them but hey, they are pretty awesome!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.13.19

      Oh that’s great to know as others say that they can’t! Also laughing bc I was hanging out with my 9 month old niece and all she wanted to do was chew the tassels!!!
      Your toddler has great taste!

  22. Natmari’s Corner says 8.15.19

    I was just thinking about wanting to bring nightgowns/house dresses back!

  23. gigi says 8.16.19

    What color are you wearing in the first pic?

    • grace at the stripe says 8.17.19

      They changed the “name” – it was just “pink” but now it’s called “lightpink” on the product page.

  24. Orla says 8.16.19

    Can I be honest? I really hate that dress! It really does look like a nightgown for a 6-year-old!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.17.19

      Haha no worries, you’re completely entitled to you’re opinion! I don’t expect everyone to like everything I share here!
      What’s been exciting to me is how much a lot of people seem to really love it – wearing it on stories, tagging me on Instagram… it makes me happy that it makes so many people happy!