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Reader Policies + Disclosure:

I will keep your information safe!   Your privacy is very important to me.  My site does gather some data from everyone who visits – but none of this information is ever, ever shared with outside parties.

Content comes first.  I would never accept product or sponsored posts for brands that are not already a natural, organic fit.  Stripes & Sequins receives many offers for sponsored posts and advertising, and I only work with the brands that I would write about without being paid to do so.  The same goes with gifted items and beauty product samples.  Only the ones I truly love make the cut.

I will always disclose!  If a post is sponsored, or an item has been gifted to me, I will make note of it within the post.  Gifted items are noted as gifted, and sponsored posts are disclosed as “sponsored” at the bottom of the post.

Inappropriate comments will be deleted.  I generally will allow all comments through, (even the not so nice ones) as you are entitled to an opinion, but any comments that are inappropriate, or spammy will be deleted.  Please do not use the comments section of my blog as an advertising forum for your brand or blog.

Image Usage:  Unless otherwise noted, all content, projects, + photographs were created by me.  Please always link back.  All photos must be credited.  If you choose to feature one of my DIY projects, please do not use any more than two photos per tutorial.  I work very hard to create all of the content you see here on Stripes & Sequins; but the DIY posts are particularly time-consuming.  If you publish the entire tutorial on your site, then your readers have no reason to come by my site.

Conversely, if you see your own photos on the site and they’re not linked back to you, I apologize.  I always try my absolute best to link back to the source.  Please email me if your photo was not properly credited – I will link back!  I’m also happy to remove the photo completely if that is your preference.

Affiliate Links:  Stripes & Sequins is a part of several affiliate programs.  What this means is that if you click on a link and make a purchase at that retailer, I will receive a (small) percentage of sales.  Content is the single most important aspect of this site, and affiliates are not given preferential treatment.

Brand Policies:

Sponsored Posts and Advertising:  Please feel free to reach out to grace@thestripe.com to request a media kit.  In your email please state the brand you represent.

Text Links are not sold here, and Stripes & Sequins does not participate in link exchanges.

Guest Posts written by brands are not accepted.  If you would like to work together on a sponsored post, please reach out to grace@thestripe.com for rates.  From there we can work together on content that is written in my own voice.

Stripes & Sequins is an Atwood Enterprises, LLC property.  

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