Recent Drugstore Beauty Faves.


I know that a lot of the beauty products I feature around here can get a little pricy (sorry!) so I really do try to test as many drugstore products as humanly possible. A lot end up being duds that I end up tossing… but then there are the gems that really stand out. Everything in this post falls into that category¬†of really awesome.

Stripe Finds // Little discoveries you'll love


If you haven’t scooped up Garden & Gun’s new cookbook yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. For one thing, it’s a feast for the eyes. Pure food porn. For another, it’s chock full of story telling. I love a cookbook that also teaches me a bit of history!


I’m such a fan of Ariel Gordon’s designs and am in complete and utter love with her lockets… especially this one. It reminds me a lot of one that I had as a child (why didn’t I hang onto it!?) The heart makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day…


As a general rule, if SEA is making it, I want it. Their new spring collection is amazing – I want every single piece. This dress really stands out though.. the cut makes it feel so special and cool.

shoe crush

I’m having a moment with these (amazing) shoes from ASOS. I love the mod circular motif, and the chunky heel would be so comfortable. Annnd they’re only $52! Perfect with tights now or bare legs come Spring.

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