Great Style, Under $100.


Great style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you just need to know where to look (and how to mix and match a little.) Today I’ve rounded up twenty one of my favorite style essentials… all under $100… some well under. Just be prepared to want one of everything. I still can’t believe the price on these sleek loafers, or this blazer. Also, these are the coolest ear jackets I’ve ever seen. If you love evil eyes (or lashes, haha) as much as I do… they’re a must! And… the best striped dress + faux leather jacket.


The Stripe Picks

Fur Snood

Stripe Finds // Little discoveries you'll love


This is, most definitely, the perfect striped t-shirt. The thick fabric won’t cling, and it’s incredibly well made (especially when you consider its under-$30 price tag.) It’s available in five color combinations, and while I’m partial to the cream/navy, I love them all.


I discovered Mister Marvelous by Byredo, rather accidentally: I had a bunch of samples and thought I was putting on something else. Alas, I fell in love with the warm and woody fragrance. Though it’s meant for the boys, the neroli flower + green lavender make it a nice choice for the ladies, too!

Jewel Box

I don’t remember the last time I received as many compliments on a piece of jewelry as I do when wearing these ear crawlers. They are just so perfect. Subtle and delicate, while still making a statement. And to think… they’re only $28!


I’ve long been a fan of Perpetual Shade’s sleep masks (see my post about them here!) and was delighted to discover “PS,” their less expensive line. Lined in cotton (instead of silk), this rose gold oversized sleep mask is luxe… without breaking the bank.