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You guys. My sister wrote a book! Not just any book. The most beautiful book, ever. I am so proud. And today’s the big day – it’s finally for sale. So you should probably order it. Right now. I’m not saying it just because I’m her sister. It’s the prettiest, most …


Fall Wish List.


Martian + UFO.


The New Classics.


Travel Diary: 5 Days in Northwest France.


Stripe Finds // Little discoveries you'll love


Okay, this magnetic mask might just be one of the coolest / weirdest things I’ve tried this summer. I’ve never seen anything like it! Apply a thin layer of the mask, leave on 5-10 min, and then wipe away with the magnet it comes with. Skin is radiant, glowy, + firm.


When in doubt, put a pineapple on it. Okay, maybe not all of the time, but this gilded carafe contains a candle and would make for the perfect gift. The best part? When the candle is finished, the container will be perfect for stashing treasures.


I just finished The Woman in Cabin 10 and WOW. This is a good one, folks. Very very dark and creepy. It’s been a while where a book was so eery/haunting that I couldn’t read it before bed… this one was just that. Not “the next Gone Girl” (nothing is) but a great read!

shoe crush

I’ve said it before but I definitely have Fall shopping on the brain and am about 95% sure I will pull the trigger on a pair of Vince platform sneakers. They just look so comfy and cute… and I always love a little platform. Pair with ankle skinnies, mini skirts, and cute dresses.

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