My friend Victoria got me hooked on Cire Trudon’s candles. They are simply, the best. I picked up L’Admirable (a delicious, zesty but still sophisticated tangerine) while in Paris and while I have not lit it yet, I open the box every day and take a big whiff.

I almost always have a candle or two burning at home, but I save Byredo Ambre Japonais for only the most special occasions. It’s also my go-to gift if someone does something really nice for me. It smells like heaven and the all black color is so chic.

I have a bad habit of buying pretty design books and then never looking at them but the new Domino book is full of ALL of the home inspiration + practical advice. I am making a few changes and find myself constantly referring back to it.

I scooped up this linen mist at the most darling store up in Hudson Valley (the scent is Opus 1 – a mix of french lavender, black pepper and sandalwood) and am obsessed. I spray whenever I have company over and get so many questions about the fragrance!

I get so many compliments on my Juju Hat. It hangs over my desk, which is fitting as the Juju hat is a symbol of prosperity and divinity in Bamileke culture. (Birds are sacred to the Bamileke because of their power of flight – and ability to soar to the heavens.)

It’s such a small thing, but laying this wooden ladder against the wall near my couch has made such a difference for my small apartment. I am always cold, so I have a lot of throw blankets. This is the perfect (inexpensive) way to store + show them off.

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