desk party

This may sound silly and frivolous, but having pretty accessories on my desk makes me better at my job. I really think that I am more productive when I have pretty things by my side. My lucite + gold stapler is such a little bright spot on my desk. Love.

You might know about my affinity for pretty curse words (see also, this Pinterest board) but I just love them. I have this (very non-PC) ruler at my desk, and every time I see it, it makes me giggle just a little bit. The perfect irreverent touch!

I get asked about my pretty gold scissors so often. They are this exact pair, ordered on Amazon for all of $12. They’re ultra sharp… but (possibly) more importantly they add a fun touch to my desk! There are more expensive pairs but these work great.

My sister got me these cat paper clips for Christmas and they just make me so happy! ¬†Not into cats? Don’t worry. They have pretty much every animal¬†out there… dogs, pigs, penguins… even ducks! Such a fun (and inexpensive) gift.

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