I have realized that I am completely obsessed with Essie’s Gel Couture polish. So obsessed that I’ve become the crazy lady who brings her own polish + top coat to the salon. It’s that good – super shiny finish + lasts so much longer than other polishes.

We have talked about Everyday Oil before (in my post about face oils; a must-read if you have not read it!) It is heaven. I use it everywhere – face, body, hair. It smells so good and is actually really affordable. I have both sizes (one for home, one for travel).

L’Oreal’s Infallible Paints may be my favorite beauty launch of the year. They are $10 and deliver an intense jolt of shiny, high-voltage color. My fav fav fav is Orange Shock – it isn’t orange, but rather, red-orange. Use it for the perfect movie star red lip.

I joke that by Terry Baume de Rose is in my bloodstream at all times. I use it thaaaat much. It is hands down, my most treasured, favorite lip balm. It smells amazing and is ultra rich + luxe… chapped lips don’t stand a chance.. even in February!

I could talk about (and probably have talked about) Vintner’s Daughter until I am blue in the face. It is the most luxurious product I own and works wonders for all skin types.  Read more in my face oils post, and prepare yourself for the best skin of your life.

This is my favorite cleanser right now. I know my favorites come and go quickly but this one from Elemis is so hydrating, smells like the spa (hello eucalyptus oil), and takes off all my makeup. Massage it on and then remove with a hot wet towel. The ultimate.

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