Cabo Packing List.

As you may have gathered from social media, I am in Cabo for the Los Cabos film festival! After a hard start to the week it’s so nice to have a few days in the sunshine… and film is one of my greatest passions. We have a full four days and nights of premieres…

Orange is the New Black.

Outfit posts don’t always turn out exactly how you’d like. Case in point: this romper. It’s more of a red-orange, so red that I wore it for the fourth of July! Alas, when we shot it… it looked orange… and I look like maybe… I could be in prison..

Gift Guide: The Social Media Gal.

This gift guide will probably appeal to a lot of you, as we are all so plugged in all the time! While the proper gift for this person/us is probably a museum membership or a gift card to the spa (hiii, unplugging is so necessary), this guide is packed with presents that will help the social media girl do her job…

The Perfect Fall Bag.

It’s been said that as New Yorkers, our bags are our cars. We leave in the morning, and rely upon our bags to carry us from breakfast to the office to lunch to dinner to drinks. It’s no wonder so many women here have such incredible handbags… they carry our lives! Inside my own bag, you can find…

Embroidered Tunic Dress.

My summer wardrobe is more or less a sea of white dresses, but this embroidered tunic dress is a favorite as it’s just so easy to wear. The details at the hem and on the sleeves are so pretty, and it’s at home on the beach or in the office, depending upon how you accessorize it.

DIY: Glitter Candles.

Christmas is exactly just fourteen days away which is totally crazy! I had gone into the holidays trying to be as prepared as possible; but of course I’m still behind and still finishing up my Christmas shopping. Isn’t that just the way it goes!? Today I’m back with another crazy-easy …

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