Q&A, No. 3

As a general rule, I have feelings about pants, and my feelings are pretty negative. I do not like pants. (Jeans don’t count). I’m talking about pants… or… slacks, if you will. Pants typically always felt too formal, too stuffy, not comfortable, etc.

Little Joie Dress.

This was one of those dresses where I kinda cringed when I bought it (as it’s just so typical of me, I have so many little floral dresses). I’ve been trying to buy more separates, and more casual and/or edgy pieces to give the feminine stuff I already own a twist.

Q&A, No. 2

Alright guys, it’s time for  Q&A #2! I was so thrilled by the response last time around. I felt like you guys got to know me a little bit better, and I got to know you a little better via the comments! So, I asked you to snap me more questions (I’m grace.atwood!)…

Fall Essentials.

Oh you guys, I have so much to tell you about today! Welcome back from the long weekend. I hope you had a nice Labor Day Weekend. Mine is still (sort of) going… my sister and I are flying home from Cape Cod today. Our time at home was the best but too short. Lots of laughs with family, and I read an entire book

Pink Ruffle.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Briony was in town; visiting from the UK. We met up at Morandi in the West Village for girl talk, their delicious meatballs (highly recommend if you go!), and a much-needed glass of wine. She was wearing this dress from Needle & Thread (a designer we had both obsessed over the last time I saw her…

Black and White.

Here are two classic pieces that every girl should own. First, a great white crop top with sleeves. I think sleeves make it a little more versatile and age appropriate. I’m in my thirties so if I’m going to show a sliver of skin at my waist, I’m going to cover up my arms.

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