Bundled Up… + Tuesday Links!

Happy 2017, friends! I took Friday + Monday off in favor of spending time with friends from out of town. It felt like everyone was visiting New York for New Year’s, so I got in quite a bit of friend time which was so nice.

Lace Top Jumpsuit.

When getting ready for a holiday party (or New Year’s Eve, in this case), I can sometimes get stuck in a rut… reaching for the same LBD or sequin dress over and over again. You know that I love a good dress (this lace dress..

My Favorite Hat.

Today I am wearing all of the favorite things. I mentioned it on Instagram but this Preston & Olivia hat is just perfect – and it was sized just for me as I pretty much have the world’s biggest head (seriously – we’ve discussed this before but sometimes I need to wear a men’s size XL!!!) None of my friends ever believe me until I try their hats on and then we have a good laugh.


Is it weird to say that I love this outfit because it makes me feel a little bit like a cupcake? Maybe it’s the bell shape of the top… or the frosting-pink coat. Weird or not, I love this outfit! This top was a big splurge but it is the best thing…

Camel Coat.

If there is one item of clothing that you should invest in for winter, it is (in my opinion) a great camel coat. I bought this one wayyyyy back during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and had been waiting to wear it for ages. It hung in my closet for months nagging at me but now it’s finally (plenty) cold enough to wear it and I just love it so much.

Sparkling Red.

My family and I are big red wine drinkers. My parents own a restaurant on Cape Cod (with an incredible wine list) and an appreciation of wine was installed in me from a very young age. As an adult, I try to make them proud. I have a very small (8 bottle) wine fridge in my apartment and keep it stocked at all times.

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