Cynthia Rowley Ruffle Dress.

Cynthia Rowley makes some of my most favorite dresses. A couple years ago I bought the long sleeve version of this dress and I still wear it all the time. When I blogged about it, I called it The Lazy Girl’s Party Dress and that’s exactly what it is. You can eat all of the things and no one will know, + the swingy shape…

Keep Palm + Carry On.

Hi from Cape Cod! I am having the best time. It’s been so nice having the whole family together. On Wednesday night my mom and my sisters and I had what we could call a Cape Cod “staycation” of sorts… staying over at The Wequassett for a night. We had an amazing dinner and then spent yesterday at the pool…

Always a Classic.

Hi from Cape Cod! It’s so nice to be home for a whole week. Sun, sea, and lots of family time… there really isn’t anything better. If there is one classic accessory that a) looks good with everything and b) looks good on everyone, and c) won’t go out of style, it’s a great pair of black sunglasses.

On the Bright Side.

This dress is ultra vibrant and the swingy shape makes it so fun to wear. I love color. Love it. You know that by now if you read here regularly. Wearing a pop of color makes me feel great… inside and out.

Blush Crush.

(Just like everybody else) I am definitely having a moment with all things off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder. I personally prefer the cold shoulder look as all of my off-the-shoulder pieces ride up and I just don’t have the patience for constant adjusting. Having even just the thinnest of straps keeps things in place…

Blank Canvas.

There’s something so simple and easy about jeans and a tee. It makes for the perfect “blank canvas” if you will… allowing you to have a little more fun with your accessories. I’ve mentioned this before but I really struggle with boyfriend jeans. I have wide hips and littler legs, so if I am not careful I can look big all over.

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