My Favorite Shirt.

This is maybe my favorite shirt of all time, right now. I can’t stop wearing it. I can’t take credit for it though – I spotted it on Merritt and immediately texted her about it. It’s one of those pieces that makes me feel chic, cool… and a little bit street-style.


We shot these photos on one of my favorite blocks on Macdougal Street in the West Village. The row of colorful brownstones reminds me (just a little bit) of Rainbow Row in Charleston. So happy and colorful! And this is the best striped dress. It’s just the right length, just thick enough, just loose enough, just perfect.

Best Jeans Ever.

  If you picked up the October issue of Stylewatch Mag, you might have seen “The Great Jeans Try On.” And if you read that article, you might have seen a familiar face. I posted the feature here on my Facebook page and am so thrilled with how it turned …

Party Shoes!

I’d been wanting to try something bell-sleeved, but everything I tried on just felt so silly! Enter this dress. In thick silk, it feels more seventies chic than circus performer.  It’s one of those great little dresses that you could wear to the office but also to…

The Classics.

This week, life is moving at a slower pace than usual and I’m really, really enjoying it. (Things will pick back up again next week!) I had a really mellow weekend, am almost through a new book (The Nightingale – cannot put it down – thanks to all who…

Dark and Stormy.

As the weather is quickly blackening my soul ;), I thought this dark + moody outfit would be a good fit. This IRO sweater was a really good purchase. It is the most comfortable thing ever and makes me feel a little bit more edgy + “New York” than usual. I wear it with jeans + cutoffs, but I’m going to play with tucking it…

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