Maxed Out.

Lately, I’ve been really into dressing like a witch. Long, flowy dresses paired with thick tights and boots… it’s the only way to be warm but also semi-dressed up. This Rebecca Taylor dress is a departure for me as I usually choose shorter dresses, but I really love it. It’s got a bit of a western vibe to it too…


Another day, another picture of me wearing this coat. I know. I try to also show you pretty party dresses and such, but the reality is that right now it’s pretty frigid out there… I was cold just letting that little sliver of ankle show! Brrrr! This coat is a favorite though… it’s comfy, it’s cute, and it pretty much goes with everything…

Bundle Up!

And you are looking at what I’ve been wearing nearly every day. Baby, it is COLD outside!!!┬áMy Chateau Parka might be my most loved item of clothing right now. I bought this one (gray) last year and then bought the red one this year. I always say that if you love something, buy it in multiples…


Ordinarily, if you were to say “sequins and fringe” to me in the same breath my response would be “too much.” But somehow, this dress just works. Maybe it’s the unassuming t-shirt silhouette + slightly oversized shape, but it feels manageable and I really love how it moves when I walk or dance… it puts me in an instant great mood!

One Shade of Grey.

Rare is the day that I will put something on only to realize that it’s so much more affordable than I thought it was. Usually it’s the other way around… much to my disappointment.┬áRecently, a box full of clothing arrived in the mail*. I immediately gravitated toward this dress. I wore it out to dinner with my girlfriends that night. I shot it for the blog

Winter Blues.

And Monday! I hope that everyone is having a nice MLK Monday/long weekend and that you’re lucky enough to have the day off from work. My weekend was really nice. On Friday night I had tickets to the premiere and after party for HBO’s new show, VINYL

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