Active 24 Hours.

Today I am wearing a few of my most favorite things. You’ve seen the jeans, the pumps, and the bag of course, but this trench is new and has become an instant favorite. The lightweight canvas fabric is perfect for this weather…

Q&A No. 4.

Remember when I went to Trunk Club and bought this IRO blouse? We had styled it with a fun Kate Spade suede (button front) skirt but I wasn’t totally sold on it. After the fact, I spent quite a bit of time looking for the perfect denim (button front)


Do you guys watch the show Younger, on TV Land? It’s one of my favorites. First of all, it’s just around 25 minutes long, making it the perfect show to put on before bed. Secondly, the characters all work in publishing (which my mom did, and I always wanted to do).


I wore this dress to the Fashion Media Awards last week. It was such an amazing night. (Real talk: the only reason I was invited was that my best friend planned it.) There were celebrities/fashion insiders everywhere. Cindy Crawford

Q&A, No. 3

As a general rule, I have feelings about pants, and my feelings are pretty negative. I do not like pants. (Jeans don’t count). I’m talking about pants… or… slacks, if you will. Pants typically always felt too formal, too stuffy, not comfortable, etc.

Little Joie Dress.

This was one of those dresses where I kinda cringed when I bought it (as it’s just so typical of me, I have so many little floral dresses). I’ve been trying to buy more separates, and more casual and/or edgy pieces to give the feminine stuff I already own a twist.

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