Earth Day with Lands’ End.

Happy Earth Day! While I believe in living as green as possible every day, Earth Day is a great time to reflect, set goals, and think about what you can do be even better to the Earth the following year. My youngest sister is the environmentalist in the family and constantly reminds me that I can be doing more. If you’re already doing the basics (recycling, minimizing electricity usage) there’s other things you can do.

I <3 Flamingos.

A few things: Did you read that piece on The Cut, titled “How to Get Your Body Ready for Caftan Season?” You should. It had me in stitches. Also, it is a pretty good description of what Hallie, Jess, and I got up to this weekend at Hilton Head. All of the foods. And zero regrets. But guys. A good coverup is important…

Maxed Out.

And, Friday! Hope you guys survived the week. It’s been so nice to finally have a little bit of warm weather so I’m finally able to start wearing all of the pretty summer dresses + skirts I’ve been buying! This dress is a new favorite, and a bit of a departure for me as I usually stick to shorter silhouettes. But DVF had me immediately with the floaty hem, the giant slit, and the gorgeous print

Easy Does It.

After shooting this hair tutorial, Lydia and I shot these photos outside of Madison Square Park. It was one of those gross days where it wasn’t quite raining, but the air was incredibly heavy and we got misted on. Gross. I wish I could tell you that I went out and did something fun after the shoot, but I ran home, took my braid out, put on my sweats and settled into my couch for an afternoon of hibernation + writing posts…

Red Fleece.

One of my oldest friends (we met nine years ago, when I first moved to New York) is head of merchandising for Brooks Brothers’ “Red Fleece” collection and always has the cutest outfits. When she showed me this dress, I had to have it immediately… navy blue, with cutout lace? Yes please! (Also, it’s fairly affordable, at $148!) I really love it.

Blush Crush.

I mentioned in another post that I’ve been having a lot of luck with Topshop this Spring. So many pretty lace dresses with fun details. My trick is just to always size up as they’re generally cut pretty narrow. I love this dress and the pretty crochet accents… and I love the color! It will probably look better once I get a bit more color on my legs, but such is life. I also picked up this blue/green one