Summer Sack.

I know, I know… I’m always talking about how I’m going to make more of an effort to “dress for my body type” and blah, but I found (yet another) sack dress that I just couldn’t resist. This little SEA number has the best fringe bodice… giving it such a unique sort…

Draper James Vine Dress.

I always tell people that when I want to feel girly and pretty, I go to Draper James (Reese Witherspoon’s cute line). There’s the pink coat I wore here, or my most favorite yellow dress… I almost always pack something Draper James when I go to Charleston…

My Favorite Off-the-Shoulder Dress.

This is one of my most favorite dresses right now. It’s so comfy, stays in place, and it’s machine washable. The color is great and it has a pretty lace hem and pretty details on the sleeves. Also, right now it is on sale for only $39.

Tibi Lurex Dress.

I bought this dress at Hampden Clothing in Charleston and actually wore it right out of the store. I just loved it thaat much. It was one of those pieces that I saw, tried on, and immediately had to have it. The fabric is silky and the gold dots give it an elegant…

Shades of Summer… East vs. West!

If there is one accessory you truly need this summer, it’s a great pair of sunglasses. Besides the fact that they look great, they also protect that delicate skin around your eyes (and prevent you from squinting)! I was excited when Cohen’s Fashion Optical approached me about styling some of their sunglasses

Thank you + Massive Giveaway!!! UPDATE – NOW CLOSED!

Whenever I talk to my friends + family (who don’t really understand the blogging world / don’t read blogs) and explain what I do, I brag to them that I have the best readers. Your emails, comments, our conversations on social media… all of it… it truly means the world and makes me love my job so much. I always say that I have the best job…

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