Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend, friends! This week flew by for me. My parents visited on Monday so our family went out for a delicious sushi dinner. And then I got sick, so I lost most of Tuesday. Despite being sick I still managed 3 workouts with my trainer (yay) and my first Pop Physique class (at a blogger event with Essie). This weekend I’m really just laying low, which feels like such a treat…

Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend friends! Today I am driving out to East Hampton with my best friend. She was invited to a fancy dinner party at Dopo La Spiaggia and I am her ever-so-lucky plus one. We’re just going for the night…

Bundled Up… + Tuesday Links!

Happy 2017, friends! I took Friday + Monday off in favor of spending time with friends from out of town. It felt like everyone was visiting New York for New Year’s, so I got in quite a bit of friend time which was so nice.

Weekend (Christmas Eve!) Reading.

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! I debated whether or not I should post a links round-up today as I am hoping that very few of you are on your computers, but I wanted to make sure I had some fun links up just in case you decided to drop by. And you know I’m a little OCD about posting every day.

Weekend Reading.

Hi from Cozumel, Mexico! Looks like the timing of our trip was pretty perfect, as it is absolutely freezing back home! (I hope you are all staying warm – don’t go outside!!) This trip has been a really fun one but also really relaxing which I definitely needed. Yesterday we spent most of the day snorkeling (we saw three incredible reefs – all very different and beautiful) and today we have a spa day…

Weekend Reading.

Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is just fifteen days away? I kind of can’t believe it… but I can’t wait to be home on Cape Cod with my family. This week flew by for me and I’m sure the next two weeks will probably pass…

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