Weekend Reading.

Greetings from LA I am so, so excited to be out here – and to be able to attend the SAG Awards tomorrow. It’s nice to have a little California sunshine, too. Although it’s not particularly warm, it’s so much brighter and sunnier than NY – an instant mood elevator. …

Weekend Reading.

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you had a great week. My week was alright. I had a stomach bug so I pretty much laid low. I finally started to feel better yesterday – hallelujah!… I spent the day getting caught up on work, had a long catch-up on the phone …

Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend, friends! This week flew by for me. My parents visited on Monday so our family went out for a delicious sushi dinner. And thenĀ I got sick, so I lost most of Tuesday. Despite being sick I still managed 3 workouts with my trainer (yay) and my first Pop Physique class (at a blogger event with Essie). This weekend I’m really just laying low, which feels like such a treat…

Weekend Reading.

Happy weekend friends! Today I am driving out to East Hampton with my best friend. She was invited to a fancy dinner party at Dopo La Spiaggia and I am her ever-so-lucky plus one. We’re just going for the night…

Bundled Up… + Tuesday Links!

Happy 2017, friends! I took Friday + Monday off in favor of spending time with friends from out of town. It felt like everyone was visiting New York for New Year’s, so I got in quite a bit of friend time which was so nice.

Weekend (Christmas Eve!) Reading.

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! I debated whether or not I should post a links round-up today as I am hoping that very few of you are on your computers, but I wanted to make sure I had some fun links up just in case you decided to drop by. And you know I’m a little OCD about posting every day.

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