How To Staycation.

Sometimes you just need a little break from routine – even if that doesn’t necessarily mean skipping town. I’ve always found that (as indulgent as it is) even just spending one night away will give me a fresh perspective, a renewed focus, and and just the right amount of relaxation to get back on track.

Three Days in London with Sisley Paris.

If you follow along on social media, then you know that I spent part of last week in London with Sisley Paris. Sisley has long been one of my favorite skincare brands, so I was near ecstatic to be invited along on this trip. We got to see quite a bit of the city…

Feather Sweater Weather + London Recap.

And this is the last of the outfit posts from London (tear!) I packed this cozy Elizabeth & James feather sweater and am so glad I did. While the feathers make it fancy (great for cocktails when you still want to be warm) it’s also just one of the softest, most perfect things I own…

Black & White in London.

Despite how put together these photos may be (we took ’em in London), I’m a bit of a hot mess at the time. I’m going to write a more personal post this week (I’ve been working on it but can’t seem to hit publish), but everything is just a little crazy right now. Boy drama, family drama..

Cats of Notting Hill.

If you know me well, or read this blog just a little bit, then you probably know about my hopeless obsession with any and all things cats. While in London, I went shopping at Selfridge’s (probably my favorite UK department store… though I love Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols too!)  and fell head over heels with this cat motif blouse.

Charleston Style, Part 3.

Annnd, my third post from Charleston. This post might be my favorite of all, just because Gray did such an amazing job capturing the essence of The Zero George Hotel. It’s such a pretty place. This time around, I’m wearing pieces from my friend Lauren Lail’s line, Library. Lauren is quite possibly the cutest person ever…

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