Los Cabos Film Festival 2016.

I have been lucky enough to have been taken on some very cool adventures for this blog. But one of the best ones was a few weeks ago, when the Mexico Tourism Board invited myself + four other bloggers and journalists down to Cabo

Kelly’s Chic Under $100: Travel Essentials.

Grace and I have both been traveling so much this month! ! I was home in San Diego last week absorbing the lovely “fall” that Southern Californians experience every year (temps were in the low 70°s) in all its glory. Burritos on the beach…

Midweek Montauk Escape.

If you follow along on social media, then you know that last week I headed out to Montauk to stay at Gurney’s for two nights with two of my really good friends, Jess + Julia. The only time I’d ever been to Gurney’s before had been…

21 Hours in Richmond / The Quirk Hotel.

After spending two nights in Charlottesville (read about our adventures in this post!) Deirdre and I were off to Richmond! I really didn’t know what to expect – all of my friends had raved and raved about Charlottesville, but no one had said much about

Charlottesville Travel Diary.

If there is one thing I knew about Charlottesville, VA, it’s that it has a following. As it turns out, a lot of my friends went to UVA, and the second I mentioned that I was going to spend a few days in Charlottesville, I was met with jealous sighs and major nostalgia

Virginia Packing List.

Tomorrow, I head to Virginia on a press trip! I am so excited. You know by now that I love, love, love the South but I haven’t visited Virginia since I was a little girl. We are splitting our time between Richmond and Charlottesville.

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