Charleston Packing List.

Tomorrow afternoon, I’m off to Charleston for the rest of the week! The trip is for work… I am so excited to attend + present at The Southern C Summit, alongside some of my favorite bloggers (all of whom are also close friends!) We have a really fun…

Bermuda Packing List.

And I’m off… this time, to Bermuda! I’m working on a fun project with JetBlue Getaways + J.Crew Factory over the next few days and am just so excited about it! I’m bringing my friend + photographer Lydia and we’ll be capturing the whole trip…

How to Travel Like an A-Lister.

I love to travel. I am happiest when I have a trip or two in the works to look forward to, and absolutely love flying. I am that weird person that finds it relaxing… being up in the air where no one can bother you (well, now there is wifi)! I like that I can spend a few hours…

Traveling Alone.

A few of you have requested a post about traveling alone so I wanted to talk about that a bit here today. First of all, I think it’s funny whenever people tell me I am brave or adventurous…

Tulum Travel Guide.

I’ve said it before but Tulum is my happy place. My first time visiting was 2.5 years ago, after a pretty bad breakup. I arrived heartbroken and came home in a better place. I then went back six months later (two years ago) with one of my best friends. It had been two years since

How To Staycation.

Sometimes you just need a little break from routine – even if that doesn’t necessarily mean skipping town. I’ve always found that (as indulgent as it is) even just spending one night away will give me a fresh perspective, a renewed focus, and and just the right amount of relaxation to get back on track.

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