On Unplugging.

Something that’s been on my mind lately has been our attachment to our phones + perpetual need to be plugged in. As a blogger, it’s something that I think about a lot. My iPhone is simultaneously wonderful and terrible. I never get mad at someone for being late as I can literally do most of my job from my phone.

Ups & Downs.

I am having a bit of a week over here. Today, I gave myself a personal day. My blog post for the day was already scheduled, and besides a call with a consulting client, I gave myself permission to just have a day to do nothing and just be still. …

On Bad New York Days + “Fake Problems.”

I had a different post planned for this afternoon. It was a round-up of pretty white dresses and accessories. But then today happened (and mercury went into retrograde), and I decided to go a different route. There will be plenty more pretty things on the blog later this week. But guys. …

Life: Getting Back to Normal.

So. I’ve been doing this freelance thing for two weeks. It’s interesting, that’s for sure. I will say this: I didn’t realize how truly burnt out I was until I took a step back and actually slowed down. I was just. so. damn. tired. And I still am, if we’re being honest. I’ve been taking things easy and just getting back to normal. But what is normal really? To be honest, I don’t actually know, so I’ve been thinking about what my normal looks like and how to get there.

A Little Life Update.

I’ve been unsure whether I was going to write this post. Alas, I ultimately decided that I am more of the straightforward type of blogger than the mysterious sort (gosh, I wish I could be more mysterious… but let’s be real: I’m just not a mysterious person when it comes down to it.) Let’s back up a little bit…

Easy Staples + Some Questions.

I’m wearing a few faves today. I bought this shearling scarf three years ago and am still surprised by how often I wear it. It’s fun for parties or going out at night, but equally lovely during the day as an extra layer to stay warm. People always think it’s a vest or attached to my coat, but it’s just a scarf. I get asked about it all the time and this is the closest I’ve been able to find, but it’s very expensive  (albeit on sale, for $450 from $1250.) A much more affordable way to get the look is this Topshop Fur Scarf – you could wear it the same way.

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