Gift Guide 2016: The Cool Creative.

This gift guide (#15!) is for the cool person. That person is certainly not me, but I can still most definitely appreciate really cool stuff. We all have that really cool friend that stresses us out to shop for. They will probably like these things.

Kelly’s Christmas Wishlist.

This week’s collage was simultaneously the hardest and easiest I’ve ever made for Kelly’s Chic. Shopping for myself is all too easy but it is also so hard to resist actually buying anything. First, a quick disclaimer that…

Gift Guide 2016: Stocking Stuffers.

And for our fourteenth gift guide, we have one of my personal favorites… stocking stuffers! Stockings are important to me. Growing up, I was spoiled + received two stockings every Christmas: one from Santa, and one from my grandmother.

Gift Guide 2016: For The Person Who Hated 2016.

Apologies upfront for all of the curse words. I always do a snarky gift guide (see last year’s here) but it felt particularly needed, this year, so hopefully  you can see the humor in these gifts. My 2016 was fine. Not great, but definitely not terrible. That being said, nearly everyone I know has told me horror stories about their 2016. This was, for many of my friends, a terrible year.

Gift Guide 2016: Little Luxuries.

These gifts are, in my opinion, the most luxurious gifts around. When choosing gifts for my own loved ones, I always try to think of things that they will love, but maybe wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Beautiful pajamas, decadent beauty products (like this body wash or this gift set), or a big cashmere scarf. Also worth noting: these Mignonne Gavigan earrings

Gift Guide 2016: The Careerist.

Okay okay I can’t be the only one who hates the term “girlboss…” can I? IDK, I just prefer boss. No need to throw the “girl” on there… to me, it downplays the significance of being a boss in a cute, semi icky way.

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