Gift Guide: The Girly Girl / Always Overdressed.

This afternoon’s gift guide could also be titled, “What to get Grace.” So many feminine girly things. The pink Manolos I’ve been crushing on (I have the green heels and desperately want a pair of the flats next!), a gorgeous jewelry box, and so many other lovely, elegant things. (And also a few of my tried and true favorites…

Gift Guide: The Mixologist / Barfly / Party Girl.

Today’s gift guide was one of my favorites to put together, as I personally really love every single thing I featured! It’s for the cocktail obsessive. Maybe he/she is a budding mixologist, or perhaps they are just always out. Either way, everything I’ve included here is lighthearted, fun, and perfect for the person who takes their cocktails seriously.

DIY Holiday Photo Gifts.

When it comes to gift giving, nothing beats a homemade gift. Am I right? I think I’m right. Except when you can make something that has a homemade vibe, with a professional look and feel to it. That’s even better. This year, my sister and I decided to try something a little different for our family holiday gifts. In collaboration with Shutterfly

Summer Hostess Gifts.

With all this summer travel comes one of my favorite things… selecting the perfect hostess gift! I love giving gifts. There’s something so exciting about finding the perfect present for someone special… something that they will really love and use. Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite (bright + cheery) summer hostess gifts.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Mother’s Day gifts are a funny thing once you hit your thirties. When I was younger, it was more of a struggle but nowadays, when I’m picking out presents for my mom, it’s usually just something I would want too (way easier.) And also, several of my close girlfriends are …

Valentine’s Gifts That Aren’t Lame.

Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away. In the spirit of the much beloved (and hated!) holiday, I have rounded up some of my favorite gift ideas. So… treat yourself, or send this post to your guy! Valentine’s Day gifts can admittedly be a little cheesy – I’ve combed my favorite sites to find some gifts that are 100% not-tacky… things you’ll actually really want!


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