Recipe: Vegan Cauliflower Bisque with Truffle Oil.

I’m really excited about today’s recipe post. I’ve been messing around with everyone else’s recipes, but for today’s post, this is actually my own little recipe. I was blown away by how it turned out (I know that sounds really humble of me, but I’m still rather skeptical of anything that comes out of my own kitchen.)

Cocktail: Passion Fruit Margarita.

For me, one of the most wonderful things about food and flavors is how they can evoke such strong memories. Pimento cheese makes me think of Charleston, an amazing cheese plate triggers memories of Paris and Monte Carlo, and a really great cacio e pepe makes me think of sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Rome. Whenever I go to Tulum (I say that as if I’ve been more than twice), an absolute must is the passion fruit margarita at…

Cocktail: Bacon Infused Old Fashioned.

So, if you follow me on Snapchat (I’m grace.atwood) you know I’ve been all about getting a little more domestic. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve gone from being the queen of Seamless to cooking all the time and I love it so much. A few weeks ago, I made bacon jam (recipe here!) and afterward, I had all this bacon grease left over. So I decided to try something I’d heard about… bacon-infused bourbon.

Always. Snacking.

I love to snack. Love it. I’d rather eat several smaller meals and snacks throughout the day than three big meals. Alas, finding healthy + yummy snacks can be tricky (especially when you work at a place like BaubleBar… we literally have candy dispensers on the walls, bagel Mondays, and temptations like Doritos and Cheetos stocking the cabinets.) Oof. A while ago, my friend Julia started working for Nourish Snacks

Recipe: Bacon Jam.

Let’s talk about bacon. I love bacon. A LOT. I could eat it with every meal if it were healthy, but alas it is not, so I do not. A few weeks ago I had the yummiest dinner at The Wren (seriously — go — if only for the spiked hot cider!) We saw that bacon jam was on the menu and I was instantly curious about what exactly bacon jam was. And oh my — it was mind blowing.

Me Time.

Real talk: Me time is my favorite time. And if you’re anything like I am, time to yourself is probably pretty rare. It’s been really great working from home three days a week, but as this was my first full week doing so, in over-excitement, I crammed the week with meetings and events. This weekend, I’m really looking to a low-key weekend at home with Tyrion, blankets, books and snacks. #favoritethings