Cocktail: Bacon Infused Old Fashioned.

So, if you follow me on Snapchat (I’m grace.atwood) you know I’ve been all about getting a little more domestic. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve gone from being the queen of Seamless to cooking all the time and I love it so much. A few weeks ago, I made bacon jam (recipe here!) and afterward, I had all this bacon grease left over. So I decided to try something I’d heard about… bacon-infused bourbon.

Always. Snacking.

I love to snack. Love it. I’d rather eat several smaller meals and snacks throughout the day than three big meals. Alas, finding healthy + yummy snacks can be tricky (especially when you work at a place like BaubleBar… we literally have candy dispensers on the walls, bagel Mondays, and temptations like Doritos and Cheetos stocking the cabinets.) Oof. A while ago, my friend Julia started working for Nourish Snacks

Bacon Jam.

Let’s talk about bacon. I love bacon. A LOT. I could eat it with every meal if it were healthy, but alas it is not, so I do not. A few weeks ago I had the yummiest dinner at The Wren (seriously — go — if only for the spiked hot cider!) We saw that bacon jam was on the menu and I was instantly curious about what exactly bacon jam was. And oh my — it was mind blowing.

Me Time.

Real talk: Me time is my favorite time. And if you’re anything like I am, time to yourself is probably pretty rare. It’s been really great working from home three days a week, but as this was my first full week doing so, in over-excitement, I crammed the week with meetings and events. This weekend, I’m really looking to a low-key weekend at home with Tyrion, blankets, books and snacks. #favoritethings

Galentine’s Day.

Everyone’s excited about Valentine’s Day, (and I have to admit that single or taken, I’ve always secretly loved the holiday… I just really like the idea of taking a day to really celebrate your significant other and do something sweet for them… make dinner, give them a homemade card, etc.) Alas, Skinny Cow has an even better idea… Galentine’s Day!