Tasting Table Lobster Rumble.

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to experience something I’d only dreamed of. The Tasting Table Lobster Rumble. If you know me personally or have been reading this blog for a while (refer to this very important post), then you know that I think lobster rolls should actually be their own food group. I would eat one every day if I could.

Recipe: Blue Apron’s Turkey Kibbeh with Cucumber Salad.

If you are a regular reader in these parts, then you know two things: One: At 33 years old, I consider myself a beginner at cooking and two, I am doing everything in my power to change that! I’ve spent years being “too busy” to cook, racing from work to drinks to events to this thing and the next, and just hadn’t made cooking at home much of a priority. It’s definitely a New York thing, especially as groceries here are oftentimes more expensive than takeout!

Maine in New York (+ the 5 Best Lobster Rolls in NYC.)

Having grown up in the Northeast (with restaurateur parents), seafood (especially oysters + lobster rolls) is very important to me. It’s funny, because I actually refused to eat fish until high school, and wouldn’t eat lobster or other shellfish until college (what was I thinking??

KIND x Starbucks.

I talk a lot about my compulsive snacking in these parts and it’s only gotten worse since starting to work from home / developing a bit of a soul cycle addiction. Always. hungry. A month or so ago KIND reached out and sent me a few snacks to try (oddly I had …

Recipe: Vegan Cauliflower Soup with Truffle Oil.

I’m really excited about today’s recipe post. I’ve been messing around with everyone else’s recipes, but for today’s post, this is actually my own little recipe. I was blown away by how it turned out (I know that sounds really humble of me, but I’m still rather skeptical of anything that comes out of my own kitchen.)

Cocktail: Passion Fruit Margarita.

For me, one of the most wonderful things about food and flavors is how they can evoke such strong memories. Pimento cheese makes me think of Charleston, an amazing cheese plate triggers memories of Paris and Monte Carlo, and a really great cacio e pepe makes me think of sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Rome. Whenever I go to Tulum (I say that as if I’ve been more than twice), an absolute must is the passion fruit margarita at…