Gift Guide 2016: The Connoisseur.

Annd we’re to the home stretch. Our last gift guide of the holiday season. Lucky number nineteen. Today’s guide is for the connoisseur. This person appreciates life’s little pleasures. Delicious ice cream, a book that will turn them into an instant wine expert, truffle salt (my personal guilty pleasure – I put it on everything…

Backyard (Inspired) Entertaining.

Living in Manhattan, one of the things I really miss is having an outdoor space to entertain friends and family. Outdoor spaces here are few, far between, and/or very expensive. Recently, I hosted a fun little night for a few of my friends with Mike’s Hard Lemonadeinspired by the idea of backyard entertaining.

Wafels, Dinges, + Google Photos.

You might have seen that last week, I went to DUMBO in Brooklyn to check out the Google Photos food truck with Wafels & Dinges. Prior to the event, I hadn’t tried Google Photos yet, but I’m glad I did as it’s made my life a lot easier. If you are like me and have a ton of photos on all of your different devices…

Panzanella Recipe.

A few of you had asked about the salad we made with our homemade lobster rolls, and this is it… Panzanella! This recipe is originally from Barefoot Contessa and has become a family recipe of sorts. It all started when my friend Remy came home to Cape Cod with us, and she made the salad. It was an instant hit..

Iced Dirty Chai Latte.

Have you ever tried a dirty chai latte? It’s a latte (iced or hot) with a shot of espresso. I’ve always thought that chai lattes were delicious and indulgent, but more in the dessert sense (as opposed to the helping me function sense, as I rely on my iced coffee for the sake of productivity!) This is the best of both worlds.. flavorful, delicious chai… with a kick!

Steve’s Lobster Roll Recipe.

One of our family’s summer traditions is that my brother-in-law Steve (and my sister Becca) make lobster rolls. This year, I convinced them to let me help out… and to let me document the process for the blog as their lobster rolls are SO good. You probably know this by now (I mean, first this post and then this one)…

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